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HB 233-FN Protects Infants Born Alive

The opposition would have our lawmakers believe this bill will lead to a nightmare scenario in which a child with only moments to live is jerked from a mothers’ arms and subjected to futile medical procedures. Although Cornerstone was not involved in preparing the original bill, this attack does not even accurately characterize the original bill. But the fact is that this scenario is unambiguously ruled out by the Birdsell Amendment.

24 Weeks: An Extremely Modest Point at which to Prohibit Abortion

Pictured above: 3D ultrasound of fetus between 20-24 weeks HB 625-FN places limitations on late term abortions in the state by protecting the pre-born starting at 24 weeks gestational age with exceptions for medical emergencies. The bill was passed by the NH House on February 25th and is now pending a committee hearing in the Senate. Currently there is no impediment to abortion in …

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HB 625 Late Term Abortion Ban – Written Testimony

The following Cornerstone written testimony was delivered to the House Judiciary committee Tuesday, February 9, 2021 My testimony this morning will be limited to HB 625. This bill is deeply consistent with the Supreme Court’s decisions in Roe v. Wade and Casey, and I’m happy to discuss that if there are questions. But, in my testimony, I’d like to talk about why late-term abortion …

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HB 430 Restores Constitutionally Protected Free Speech Near Abortion Facilities

HB 430, The Sidewalk Free Speech Act, will repeal the current prohibition on gathering in a public area that is near a reproductive health care facility. Cornerstone strongly supports this bill. Not only does it address what is essentially a throttle on free speech in the state, the constitutionality of our current “buffer zone” is in question (a similar law was invalidated in Massachusetts …

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HB 625 Will Provide a Long-Overdue Prohibition on Advanced Late-Term Abortions

HB 625, Relative to the protection of fetal life, would prohibit a healthcare provider in NH from aborting a preborn child with a gestational age of at least 24 weeks. The bill will have its crucial first hearing in the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, February 9, at 9 am. After many years of similar failed legislation, it needs strong citizen support if it is to fulfill its mission of protecting viable life. To act now, go to our Take Action 2021 page and find specific action information for HB 625 under “LIFE.”

Conscientious Objections to Abortion: Every Person’s Right (SB 486)

Full text of testimony on SB 486-FN submitted to the Senate Commerce Committee by Shannon McGinley, Executive Director, Cornerstone Action. Cornerstone Action urges you to vote “inexpedient to legislate” on SB 486-FN. This bill is not about health care or parity. It’s about coercing people into helping to pay for others’ abortions, even when that violates sincerely-held religious beliefs. This is poor public policy that is wrong for New …

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Legislative Update February 10th

Week of February 10-17, 2020  Key Legislation: HB 1659-FN, Physician-assisted suicide CACR 14, abortion in state constitution, report on committee vote Updates on other legislation including born-alive protection, prenatal non-discrimination, and women’s sports BUT FIRST, A Note from Cornerstone on WHY Your Voice Is Important! Why doesn’t Cornerstone provide you with one-click email messages for legislators in our weekly updates? Because your voice is …

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Support Prenatal Nondiscrimination (HB 1678-FN, 2020)

Testimony submitted to House Judiciary Committee by Shannon McGinley, Executive Director of Cornerstone Action Cornerstone Action supports HB 1678-FN, the prenatal nondiscrimination act. We agree with the sponsors that no human being in utero should be discriminated against on the grounds of genetic diagnosis or sex. More important than anything we could share are the stories shared at the hearing by individuals living with …

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