Legislative Update

Blog posts that have to do with timely legislative goings on. It will have what bills are coming up, when the hearings are and Cornerstone’s position, and how you can take action

Legislative Update June 17

Week of June 17th – June 21st  Tell Governor Sununu it’s time to take out his veto pen! While these bills have not yet reached the Governor’s desk, the House and Senate have agreed on the language for each bill. The Governor is the last line of defense against ill-advised legislation. Urge him to veto the bills listed below! Another item of concern is the state budget. Read …

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Legislative Update June 10

Week of June 10th – June 14th  Tell Gov. Sununu: Keep Abortion Out of State Budget! New Hampshire taxpayers will be funding abortions directly if Governor Sununu accepts the state budget passed by the Senate. Call the Governor at 271-2121 and let him know you do not want your tax dollars used for abortion! From the New Hampshire Union Leader, 6/7/19, “Democrats moving Senate budget toward finish line”: …

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Legislative Update June 3

Week of June 3rd – June 7th  House session June 5th -6th! Contact your state representatives about these important bills coming up.  BILL: SB 41 Relative to Historical Racing CORNERSTONE POSITION: OPPOSED This is a calculated business endeavor premised on extracting profits from addicted gamblers. This is neither a healthy nor ethical way to collect revenue for the state. Read our position here. Minority Report: “The minority …

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Legislative Update May 27

Week of May 27th – May 31st BILL: HB 669, Relative to Gender Identity Information on Drivers’ Licenses and Non-Driver IDs STATUS: The House concurred with the Senate amendment to HB 669, the bill to allow an “x” as a gender designation on drivers’ licenses and non-driver IDs. The bill will spend the next few days in a technical process called enrollment, and after that, it will go …

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The Unintended Consequences of Gender Identity as a Protected Class (HB 608)

Based on Cornerstone testimony provided to Senate Judiciary 5/21/19. HB 608 is yet another bill arising out of New Hampshire’s ill-advised addition of “gender identity” – a fluid, self-defined, subjective phenomenon – as a protected class under anti-discrimination law. Such law had previously protected all New Hampshire residents based on objective criteria such as race and age. Now, HB 608 seeks to expand anti-discrimination …

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Legislative Update May 20

Week of May 20th – May 24th Next House Session Thursday, May 23 at 10:00 a.m. BILL: SB 196 Relative to Non-Academic Surveys Administered by a Public School to its Students STATUS: The Committee vote was “Ought to pass with amendment” (the amendment did not affect the substance of the bill). CORNERSTONE POSITION:  OPPOSED. SB 196 would roll back a 2017 law protecting student privacy and parental rights. Instead of giving …

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SB 41: A New Trojan Horse for Gambling

In recent years, New Hampshire communities have been crushed by watching their own family, friends, and neighbors fall victim to drug addiction.  Addiction devastates lives. New Hampshire knows this. And yet, at the nagging of corporate gambling interests standing to make a killing, the New Hampshire legislature seems unable to resist the temptation of profiting from just a little bit more addiction money. SB …

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Legislative Update May 13

Week of May 13th – May 17th Senate Session Wednesday, May 15th The New Hampshire Senate will meet on Wednesday, May 15, at 10:00 a.m. to vote on several of the bills Cornerstone has been following.  BILL: HB 291 Establishing a Committee to Study End-of-Life Care CORNERSTONE POSITION:  OPPOSED. Cornerstone will oppose the bill until and unless it is amended to ensure that a study of palliative …

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Legislative Update May 6

Week of May 6th – May 10th House Session Wednesday, May 8th and (possibly) Thursday May 9th. BILL: SB 263 Relative to Anti-Discrimination for Students in Public Schools STATUS: The Education Committee voted 11-7 OTP/A (amendment #1690h), and with such a close vote we have a chance to overturn the majority report in the house. CORNERSTONE POSITION: OPPOSED. No one wants invidious discrimination in schools. As the bill is currently written, …

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