Concord 101

Cornerstone’s 2-hour interactive how to testify seminar designed for “activist mommies,” retired persons, students, and interested New Hampshire citizens of all ages who are HUNGRY to learn HOW their government works and HOW they can best influence their elected officials!

Cornerstone brings this seminar to you! Every seminar is hosted in a different town, with more dates and locations announced throughout the year. If you are interested in hosting a Concord 101 please contact Neil Hubacker. 

The two hour seminar addresses:

WHY Engage with the Government Sphere of Culture as Believers

HOW to Engage 1: Elections & Voting

HOW to Engage 2: Legislation (How a Bill Becomes a Law), Legislators, and Hearings

HOW to Engage 3: Current Issues–Status, Advocacy & Prayer 

We have completed our Fall 2019 Series of Concord 101 Seminars.



Stay Tuned for DATES AND TIMES for SPRING 2020.


If you are interested in hosting a Concord 101 in spring 2020 please contact Neil


Listen Now: Concord 101 Podcast

Part One – Why NH Citizens Should Engage in Government

Part Two – How to Engage in Local Government

Part Three – How You Can Influence Lawmaking Process in NH