We understand the many challenges facing our people today. Fortunately, there are many compassionate organizations dedicated to helping those in crisis. Whatever you or a loved one may be struggling with, we urge you to take the next step and reach out. 

Drug Addiction/Substance Abuse

Deep Recovery 2.0 (Trinity Anglican Church, Rochester NH)  This is a 12 Week Faith-based, trauma and neuroscience informed course to give people the skills to overcome live-controlling behaviors

For a comprehensive list of resources for those struggling with addiction and for those who love them, visit the Good Samaritan Network’s Existing Resources page. For an organization near you that can help someone with addiction, visit the Good Samaritan Network’s Listing of NH Recovery Organizations. Not finding what you’re looking for? Contact Cornerstone.

Unexpected Pregnancy

Pregnancy Centers provide a non-judgemental, safe place for women and their partners to discuss options when facing an unexpected pregnancy. Some provide safe shelter for women also struggling with abuse, drug addiction, or homelessness. Find a sympathetic, listening ear and a pathway to help at a location near you below! Most services are free and all are confidential.

For the most updated list of resources for those with an unwanted pregnancy, visit NH Right to Life’s Resources page or call the National Life Center, 1-800-848-LOVE (5683).

Not finding what you’re looking for? Contact Cornerstone

New Hampshire has a “safe haven” law, which offers a way for parents to safely surrender their children without fear of legal ramifications. Under the Safe Haven Law, RSA 132-A, an unwanted newborn baby may be dropped off by its parents—no questions asked—at any “safe haven,” including a church, hospital, police station, or fire station. These “safe havens” are allowed to take temporary custody of the baby, are shielded from legal liability, and are allowed to protect the identity of the newborn’s parents. These infants are then turned over to the department of health and human services.

For information on how your church can take advantage of this law to help at-risk babies and mothers go here. To order a safe-haven sign for your church, you can contact FastSigns of Manchester and ask to order a copy of the “Cornerstone Safe Haven sign”. Be sure to tell them the office hours of your church, to list on the sign.

Post Abortive Trauma

Women and men who go through abortions often deal with many conflicting feelings, including fear, guilt, sadness, and shame. All of the Pregnancy Centers above can connect you to post-abortive support resources; and check out these additional, specialized resources as well:

Hope After Abortion

Rachel’s Vineyard – NH area retreats for women who have suffered an abortion

The UnChoice

Not finding what you’re looking for? Contact Cornerstone

Human Trafficking/Forced Prostitution or Labor

If you or someone you know is being coerced into forced labor or sexual exploitation, call the
 National Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888
 or send a text to 233733.

For a list of NH providers that help those who are being trafficked or who are survivors of human trafficking, visit the NH Referrals page of the National Trafficking Hotline.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Contact Cornerstone

Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

Despite the larger culture’s insistence that the experience of same-sex attraction demands the assumption of a gay identity and lifestyle, many people long to reconcile their feelings of SSA with their trust in God’s ultimate design for their sexuality.  These organizations can help:

  • Austin Institute : Great research & resources on sexuality, gender, and the family
  • Brothers Road: Men supporting each other in addressing their same-sex attractions in affirming ways that align with their faith, values, morals, & life goals; help for spouses of those who struggle with unwanted SSA
  • Changed Movement : Testimonies of individuals who have set aside their LGBTQ+ identities and lifestyles to pursue wholeness in Christ
  • Courage: Events, resources, and small groups in the Catholic Church for those struggling with unwanted SSA
  • David Pickup: Resources from a licensed marriage and family therapist regarding helping those struggling with SSA
  • Desert Stream: Events, resources, and small groups for those struggling with unwanted SSA, gender dysphoria, porngraphy, and other relational brokenness
  • Hope For Wholeness Network: A comprehensive compilation of resources arranged by state for those searching for freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ
  • Jim Domen Ministries: Jim’s and other people’s stories of leaving homosexuality behind; pastoral and governmental resources for churches and individuals
  • Joseph Nicolosi: Therapeutic resources and testimonies from the late Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. -website still actively maintained – see also Reintegrative Therapy Association
  • Ken Williams Ministries: Great resources, testimonies, and remote counseling from a season church leader
  • LDS Voices of Hope: A living repository of stories from the Church of Latter Day Saints of those seeking to reconcile their sexuality with their faith
  • Living Hope: Providing a safe place for individuals seeking restoration and healing through weekly support group meetings, moderated online support forums, in-depth discipleship programs, and active partnerships with churches around the world
  • Liz G. Flaherty: Liz’s story out of lesbianism, her blog, and books & products for the journey
  • Living Hope Ministries: The largest, world-wide online support groups for men, women, families and friends impacted by same sex attraction
  • PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays): Events, resources, and testimonies related to pornography, gender dysphoria, and SSA
  • Reintegrative Therapy Association: Therapeutic resources from Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr., relative to SSA
  • SSA Hope: resources, Stories, and links to other resources for those who struggle with SSA
  • Such Were Some of You: Video testimonies of those who have struggled with SSA

Not finding what you’re looking for?  Looking for a local NH counselor? Contact Cornerstone

Gender Dysphoria

Many of the organizations that help with unwanted SSA (see above) also help those who are experiencing gender dysphoria; these additional resources below are specific to gender dysphoria.

Jeffrey: Ex- Transgender with regret (13 min testimony video)

Gender Resource Guide: Comprehensive guide for parents you can download, equipping and educating on the transgender issue.

Prager University: Gender Identity Video 

Support for Parents of Children with Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria

Cornerstone Gender Identity Forum Videos

Psychology Today: New Study on Gender

Public Discourse: Why there are only two Sexes 

Sex Change Regret: Articles, resources, videos for those struggling with gender dysphoria and those who love them

Tranzformed: Video featuring stories of several formerly transgender people

The Kelsey Coalition: Organization to promote policies and laws that protect young people from medical and psychological harms

What is a Woman? A documentary by conservative commentator Matt Walsh challenging the progressive narrative on gender

Chloe Cole – Regrets of a Former Trans Kid: Powerful video testimony from a young detranistioner

Person and Identity Project

Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine

Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity

Transgender Trend

Arlington Parent Coalition

“Growing Pains” and “Sexuality and Gender” from The New Atlantis

“Gender Confusion and Gender Identity” from the American College of Pediatricians

Books on Gender Identity:

  • Sexual Identity: The Harmony of Philosophy, Science, and Revelation
  • Loving God’s Children
  • Desist, Detrans, and Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult
  • Lost in Trans Nation
  • When Kids Say they’re Trans
  • Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans 
  • Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters
  • The Genesis of Gender: A Christian Theory
  • When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement

Pornography Addiction

The Conquer Series: A video series from the leaders of Pure Desire (see below) on breaking free from pornography addiction; good for individuals or small groups.

Covenant Eyes: Screen accountability software and resources for overcoming pornography addiction.

Integrity Restored: A Catholic hub for resources and events related to breaking free from pornography addiction, inclduing coaching for couples.

The Nathan Project: A NH-based ministry of men’s and women’s small groups focused on accountability, recovery, and support for those struggling with pornography addiction and their spouses.

Pure Desire Ministries:  A national ministry with video & book resources and small groups for those struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors, including pornography addiction.

pureHOPE: A hub of resources for those pursuing freedom from sexual brokenness.

The Samson Society: A fellowship of men focusing on authenticity, community,  humility, and recovery. Ongoing online groups and occasional in-person events.

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Marriage and Family

Demographic Winter is Freezing Out Families – Op-Ed by our Executive Director, Shannon McGinley

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