For Citizens

Cornerstone is committed to empowering individuals and families in their own lives by sharing key resources to deal with critical life issues. We believe strong individuals and families are the cornerstone of our democracy, ensuring our ability to preserve the gift of freedom for generations to come.

Church Ambassador Network

For churches and faith-based leaders who wants to know more about engaging in government

Policy & Legislation

NH resident interested in knowing more about policy and legislation in NH


Find compassionate help in dealing with a difficult issue, we invite you to explore the programs and resources we offer.

Empowering the citizens of NH is a key tenet of Cornerstone’s mission.

Every voice is powerful and should be heard. We work to demystify the process of individual advocacy by giving you the information you need to reach your state lawmakers and voice your opinion. 

Understanding knowledge is vital to an informed and effective electorate, we are dedicated to shedding the light of truth on key issues impacting the Granite State. We devote the time, resources, and energy to stay on top of what’s happening in our legislature and then share what we know with you.

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