2024 Legislative Session

To see what bills and hearings are coming up, and what actions you can take, click on the legislative update below for the current week. Your voice is critical in our efforts to promote foundational values. 

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For instructions on how to sign in and submit written testimony on a House bill go here. For instructions to do the same for the Senate, go here. For instructions on how to testify on a bill in person, read our blog post.

Legislative Update: Week of April 22, 2024

Stand Up for The Safety of Women and Girls HB 396 is needed to clarify that nothing in New Hampshire law prevents public facilities from differentiating between the biological sexes in athletic competitions, prisons, locker rooms, restrooms, or places of intimate privacy.  While other similar legislation


Legislative Update: Week of April 15, 2024

Tell Your Representatives to Prioritize Students over Harmful DEI Initiatives  SB 219 – Act now to: 1. Sign in in support of the bill, next scheduled for a hearing in the House Education Committee Tuesday, 4/16/24. 2. Consider attending the committee hearing to testify in support of the bill,


Legislative Update: Week of April 8, 2024

Safe Haven Expansion Advances to the Senate Recently, the House passed HB 1607, relative to expanded safe haven protections, but missed a critical opportunity to position New Hampshire as the leader in child protections among our New England neighbors. The most important part of the bill


Legislative Update: Week of April 4, 2024

Take Action Now to Stop State-Sanctioned Suicide Act now: contact the House Judiciary Committee to oppose HB 1283.  HB 1283, relative to end of life options, would implement state-sanctioned suicide for those facing an illness which a physician has predicted would be terminal within 6 months. HB 1283 has


Legislative Update: Week of April 1, 2024

State-Sanctioned Suicide Advances to the Senate Last week, the New Hampshire House of Representatives, including many Republicans, ignored the voices of the disabled community, veterans, and concerned New Hampshire citizens of all ages and cast their vote to legalize state-sanctioned suicide. In a major disappointment for


Legislative Update: Week of March 25, 2024

We Have a Last Chance to Stop State-Sanctioned Suicide in the House Act Now: ask your reps to vote YES on the reconsideration motion, and vote NO on the Ought to Pass (OTP) motion for HB 1283. Shockingly, this past Thursday, the New Hampshire

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