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You can make a difference in your community and government by joining Cornerstone! We have any number of ways to engage.

Cornerstone offers dedicated support and resources for faith leaders in the state. To find out more, learn more here. 

Cornerstone Crux et Civitas Summer Internships: the development of tomorrow’s activists, attorneys, faith leaders, and politicians.

Goal: To help develop future leaders by educating interns on the inner workings of our state government and introducing them to key faith, political, and thought leaders.

In the past we’ve worked with talented interns from Gordon College, Liberty University, Thomas More College, Magdalen College, Patrick Henry College, Colorado Christian University, and Yale University. We give our interns key roles with real responsibility, designed to stretch and grow their ability to critically think and execute. Some of our interns are currently at Yale Divinity School, Regent (VA) Law School, serving in scholarly policy think-tanks, employed by the legal department of a biomedical firm, and more.

Watch Cornerstone 2018 Interns discuss religious liberty on campus and other issues here! 

Dates and Details:  The internship consists of a five-week session. It is in-person at the Church Ambassador Network Office in Concord, NH, Tuesday-Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. Interns must have their own transportation to the office.

  • 2023 Summer Session: Tuesday, May 30th – Friday, June 30th

Intern Projects in the Past Have Included:

  • Contributing to our summer Breakfast Briefings for Pastors & Leaders.
  • Creating educational videos on topics ranging from life policy to adoption and foster care in New Hampshire.
  • Assisting in the writing of Engage the Granite State, a written resource to empower communities of faith by educating them on the cultural issues facing new Hampshire citizens and providing a Biblical framework for understanding and action.

Learn more: Contact  Mary Fahey


Are you passionate about Cornerstone issues?

Are you comfortable speaking in public?

Do you have flexible time during business hours?

Do you have a talent for communicating your position clearly and succinctly?

Cornerstone could call you to testify in Concord!

Testifying in Concord in front of a committee in support or opposition of a piece of legislation is open to all New Hampshire citizens. While not for everyone, testifying can be a powerful witness.

We at Cornerstone are here to help!  

If you are called, Cornerstone will help you confidently deliver testimony that is clear, kind, and to the point.

Email Mary if you are interested in testifying. Learn more about testifying here.

Become a Cornerstone Prayer Partner!

Cornerstone prayer partners are a statewide group of intercessors who are committed to pray for Cornerstone’s mission and goals in the public square and also for our New Hampshire lawmakers and government.  

A Cornerstone Prayer Partner commits to:

-Pray for Cornerstone’s overall organizational, operational and strategic needs.

-Personally pray for their own New Hampshire elected officials.

-Inform and encourage others to pray by sharing all the above prayer needs with their personal prayer networks, church prayer teams, and prayer chains among others.

Email us to request more information or to become a prayer partner today!

Community Impact Teams are teams of people in each Church dedicated to equipping church members to be Salt and Light in their community and culture. Their function is to provide in-house leadership for congregational response to the moral and social issues that impact the community, state and nation. Cornerstone can help equip and train you to form a CIT in your own church. 
Email Neil if you are interested in forming your own CIT in your Church. 

We all have a story to share.  

Storytelling always has been and remains the most powerful tool of persuasion – hands down. One critique we’ve heard over and over of the faith-based policy movement is that we are always reacting to issues instead of creatively and proactively finding the compelling stories that will resonate with culture regarding critical human issues.

When God’s people speak up and share their stories, minds are changed and hearts are turned to the truth.

Stories on personal, sensitive but important issues are the best way of showing others that, though there is brokenness in the world, we can be healed with truth and love reinforced by good policy.

Here are just a few examples of Granite Staters who have honestly shared their true stories with Cornerstone so that together we might encourage others facing similar trials:  

  • Post abortive women
  • Victims of drug abuse
  • Parents of children struggling with gender dysphoria
  • Couples who have upheld the sanctity of the marriage vow despite crushing circumstances

Email Mary if you have a story you are willing to share to help others and further Cornerstone’s mission of communicating truth in love.

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