What Guides Us

Our Vision

Cornerstone Action and Cornerstone Policy Research are non-partisan, non-profit Christian advocacy organizations dedicated to a New Hampshire where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

Our Mission is to

Influence Policy

Cornerstone influences decision makers across the state by providing factual research, credible testimony, and grassroots advocacy on vital issues impacting the family.  Enacting legislation consistent with Cornerstone’s mission strengthens families and promotes a more vibrant government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Cornerstone Action reviews and monitors every piece of state legislation, analyzing its potential impact on your family.

Communicate Truth

Cornerstone communicates with a reasonable, persuasive, and compelling voice on family issues in the media and in the halls of Concord. We believe the origins of our culture were purposely rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Empower Families

Cornerstone empowers concerned families and faith-based institutions to be persuasive advocates for timeless principles and make a difference within their circles of influence.  Cornerstone Action’s e-Action Alerts equips Granite Staters to not only have a voice on issues affecting their family, but to actually influence public policy by putting them in direct contact with their elected officials.

Our Values Are Rooted in Loving and Positive Cultural Transformation

Cornerstone is committed to living out our core beliefs by promoting and sponsoring community events throughout the State that aim to foster a spirit of collaboration and involvement, to raise awareness through education, and to strengthen the bonds of family togetherness by sharing the truth in love. We believe that one person can make a difference in his or her community. In our democratic-republic form of government, public policies essentially stem from the values, attitudes, and behavior of people and institutions. Therefore, changing laws without changing the hearts, minds and lives of people proves futile. We believe that influence over hearts and minds are earned by compassion in service, wisdom in relationships, and intellectual discipline in sharing the facts coupled with excellence in persuasion. ​

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