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Why the Facts Don’t Matter

Following Cornerstone Op-Ed was printed in NH Journal March 18th, 2019  As the head of a nonprofit known for taking principled stands, I believe the truth is important. Foundational to our organization is the belief an informed electorate is critical to our republic. So, before taking a stand or sharing information, we also do our homework to make sure we know what we’re talking

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Gambling with Our People

The New Hampshire legislature is contemplating HB 480 which would legalize sports betting in the Granite State. Why shouldn’t we just legalize and regulate expanded gambling? After all, New Hampshire has had a lottery for years, generating revenue for the state. If people want to gamble via sports betting, it’s no big deal, right?  Hold on. The debate here should not be about state revenue generation,

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Legislative Update: Educational Tax Credit, Gender on Driver’s License

For the week of March 18th – March 23rd Three Day House Session, Tues/Wed/Thurs March 19-21 BILL: HB 632-FN Education Tax Credit Repeal CORNERSTONE POSITION: OPPOSED. The bill would gut this important program that has made school choice a practical option for many New Hampshire families. Legislators need to hear from parents and students alike! WHAT YOU CAN DO:  Contact your representatives urging them to vote “inexpedient to

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