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Now is the Time! Say NOPE TO DOPE

Thursday, Feb 21st the House Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee VOTED 10-9, a very close and nonpartisan vote, to move forward with legalizing recreational marijuana, HB 481. THIS Wednesday, the entire NH House of Representatives will weigh in on the bill. NOW is the time to urge your Representatives to SAY NOPE TO DOPE : VOTE NO ON HB481          EDUCATE YOURSELF

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A Fitting Fate for Bill Full of Hostility to Religion (HB 289)

In a few days, the New Hampshire House will vote on a bill regarding prayer in New Hampshire schools. The House is likely to follow the Education Committee’s recommendation of “inexpedient to legislate” (ITL) for HB 289. Less likely is a House debate on the reason for the ITL: the Democratic majority on the Education committee preferred to kill the bill altogether rather than

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HB: 608 Expanding the law against Discrimination based on Gender Identity: A Harmless “Housekeeping” Bill?

Testimony delivered to House Judiciary Committee by Christopher Jay, Attorney for Cornerstone Action. For more information, contact HB 608: Please vote “inexpedient to legislate.” On behalf of Cornerstone Action, I urge you to reject HB 608 expanding the law against discrimination based on gender identity to other areas of the law prohibiting discrimination. Cornerstone Action opposes this bill because it creates more problems

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