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Just Released: Cornerstone’s 2018 Scorecard

Cornerstone Action is proud to present our 2018 scorecard for voters, featuring votes cast by members of the New Hampshire House and Senate during the 2017-2018 session. You will find here a measure of how each of these elected officials voted on issues affecting New Hampshire families. This was an eventful legislative session, and the

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Beneath Abortion’s Rhetoric

I’ve been listening to the words some of our politicians use to frame their stand on publicly-funded abortion – terms such as “access,” “reproductive rights,” and “women’s health issues.” These are words constantly repeated in the political arena, words carefully selected to assuage any doubt, words that seemingly promise freedom, choice, and a healthier future

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Access To Your Conscience – and Your Wallet

Abortion advocates this coming election season will be talking about abortion access. What they’re really after is access to your conscience and your wallet. The time to slap down that idea is now.  Fresh off a legislative session that saw defeat for things like abortion statistics and conscience rights for medical professionals, New Hampshire’s abortion

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