NH Democrat Legislators’ Stance on Abortion Less Popular Than Ever

A new Saint Anselm poll suggests that, on abortion, Granite Staters are migrating away from absolutes and towards a centrist position. This is good news for New Hampshire Republicans on the issue of life.

The media has emphasized that, as in previous polls, a large majority of Granite Staters oppose an absolute ban on abortion. In New Hampshire politics, however, this takeaway is unhelpful or even misleading. The real-world question being debated in New Hampshire is not whether to have an absolute ban on abortion, but whether to allow abortion weeks or days before birth. 

There is no organized pro-life effort, either by Cornerstone or the New Hampshire GOP, to ban all abortion in New Hampshire. In contrast, every elected Democrat in our state legislature fanatically supports unlimited elective abortion at any moment prior to birth. Democrats, and some powerful Republicans, have fought tirelessly to repeal our limited six-month abortion ban and spent millions of dollars in a futile attempt to destroy it.

Despite these efforts, Democrats’ grotesque extremism on abortion is less popular than ever. Unlike the position of every Democratic legislator, 68% of Granite Staters favor some limits on abortion. On the question that is actually being debated in the reality-based world, the pro-abortion lobby is at a tremendous disadvantage.

This is a higher number than many previous polls. In May, a poll by New Hampshire Journal and Praecones Analytica found that 62.2% of Granite Staters favored some limits on abortion.

The big money and persistent lies of progressive advocacy groups, who have falsely told Granite Staters that all abortion is banned in New Hampshire, cannot change the fact that pro-abortion extremism is no more popular today than when New Hampshire’s late-term abortion ban was passed.

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