We Must Pass the Budget

Cornerstone calls on the State House and Governor to pass the budget. Like many other conservative groups, we did not get everything we wanted this legislative session. On civil liberties especially, there is a great deal of work left to do – and we are committed to continuing the …

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The Forgotten Force in Our New Hampshire Government

The Executive Council isn’t just a group of advisors. Its members wield real power in the state and serve as a check on the Governor. Whether we’re talking about significant state contracts, pardons, or judicial nominations, it’s the Executive Council who has the final say. If that surprises you, you are far from alone. In fact, the power of New Hampshire’s Executive Council is unmatched by any other similar state body in the country.

Is It Even Possible to be Non-Partisan in 2020?

Two years ago, we wrote a piece “The Challenge of Being Non-Partisan in Partisan Times,” acknowledging the sharp political divisions in our small state. Little did we know what lay ahead on both the state and national levels.

What Does a Candidate’s Social Media Tell You?

A candidate may check off all the “right” boxes on a survey or campaign platform but fail in presenting a mature and thoughtful approach online. For those who look deeper, that is a clear indication of trouble ahead should they take office.

Planned Parenthood to Taxpayers: Shut Up and Pay. We’ve Got a Business to Run.

This Cornerstone Op-Ed was originally printed Aug 21st 2019 on NH Journal Online. When the federal government got into the family planning business a half-century ago, one thing was agreed upon by all parties, even the people who argued the feds didn’t belong in anyone’s bedroom: funds for family …

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