Why the Facts Don’t Matter

Following Cornerstone Op-Ed was printed in NH Journal March 18th, 2019  As the head of a nonprofit known for taking principled stands, I believe the truth is important. Foundational to our organization is the belief an informed electorate is critical to our republic. So, before taking a stand or sharing information, we also do our homework to make sure we know what we’re talking …

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Gambling with Our People

The New Hampshire legislature is contemplating HB 480 which would legalize sports betting in the Granite State. Why shouldn’t we just legalize and regulate expanded gambling? After all, New Hampshire has had a lottery for years, generating revenue for the state. If people want to gamble via sports betting, it’s no big deal, right?  Hold on. The debate here should not be about state revenue generation, …

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A Fitting Fate for Bill Full of Hostility to Religion (HB 289)

In a few days, the New Hampshire House will vote on a bill regarding prayer in New Hampshire schools. The House is likely to follow the Education Committee’s recommendation of “inexpedient to legislate” (ITL) for HB 289. Less likely is a House debate on the reason for the ITL: the Democratic majority on the Education committee preferred to kill the bill altogether rather than …

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When adherence to Biology becomes “Discrimination”: HB383

When respecting biology and human integrity becomes “discrimination,” we’re all at risk. Beware House Bill 383, which would require the school board to “ensure that there shall be no unlawful discrimination” in any school that “receives public funds.”  

Senate passes SB196, student privacy now at risk

SB 196, relative to non-academic surveys administered to students in school, has passed the State Senate 13-10 on a party-line vote (with Democrats in the majority, and Sen. Fuller Clark absent). This bill switches the parental consent requirement for non-academic surveys administered in school from opt-in to opt-out. Supporters of the bill claimed that the “opt-in” policy was resulting in low response rates for …

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NH: The Most Abortion-Friendly State?

New York’s governor ordered buildings to be illuminated in pink lights on January 22, in celebration of state law he had just signed eliminating most limitations on abortion. Legislators in Virginia and Vermont are ready to follow suit with radically anti-life policies. Think it couldn’t happen in New Hampshire? The grim fact is that it already has. New Hampshire is one of the most abortion-friendly …

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Reaffirm Religious Liberty in NH Schools

Op-Ed by Cornerstone Attorney Christopher Jay Update: This op-ed published in the Union Leader, February 5th 2019 Prayer in public schools is a provocative issue: an unpredictable mix of principle, personal, and practical. This volatile conversation has arisen in the New Hampshire House of Representatives in the form of House Bill 289, which proposes to repeal the current state law that enables a district …

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Beneath Abortion’s Rhetoric

I’ve been listening to the words some of our politicians use to frame their stand on publicly-funded abortion – terms such as “access,” “reproductive rights,” and “women’s health issues.” These are words constantly repeated in the political arena, words carefully selected to assuage any doubt, words that seemingly promise freedom, choice, and a healthier future for a woman choosing to terminate her viable pregnancy …

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Access To Your Conscience – and Your Wallet

Abortion advocates this coming election season will be talking about abortion access. What they’re really after is access to your conscience and your wallet. The time to slap down that idea is now.  Fresh off a legislative session that saw defeat for things like abortion statistics and conscience rights for medical professionals, New Hampshire’s abortion advocates are gearing up to promote the election of …

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