Abortion in NH: Setting the Record Straight on Democrat, Media Falsehoods

Since the passing last year of New Hampshire’s ban on abortions after 24 weeks (nearly six months), liberals have been busy spreading lies about the new law, claiming that it required a transvaginal ultrasound and that the law requires a woman to carry a dead baby to term. With the midterm elections fast approaching, these blatant falsehoods attacking NH’s law and the general state of abortion access nationally have only increased.

A recent ad by the liberal group Women Vote, an arm of Emily’s List, targets Republican U.S. Senate candidate Don Boldoc. The ad features a woman sharing an emotional story of being told by her doctor shortly after finding out she was pregnant with twins that she and her children were at risk of death. As a result, she made the decision to end her babies’ lives. While the situation the woman faced is extremely tragic, it is not about the state of abortion access in New Hampshire. New Hampshire’s ban contains exceptions for fatal fetal anomalies and for life of the mother. But that’s not what this totally deceptive ad would have you believe.

Last week the far-left media outlet, democrats.com, sent out an email falsely claiming that a bill introduced by Sen. Lindsey Graham would ban all abortions. In fact the bill, a version of which Graham introduces every year to shed light on liberal’s radical up-to-birth abortion policies, only refers to banning abortions after 15 weeks gestation, which happens to be a middle ground many Americans agree on. Even so, Sen. Graham’s bills have never been successful, and this one will certainly meet the same fate. Again, the left is not letting the truth get in the way of their deceptive messaging.

Other liberal news outlets and politicians, have spread similar claims. One notable example is the repeated claim by Sen. Maggie Hassan that Mitch McConnell is planning on a national abortion ban, a sentiment the Senator has never expressed.

But Democrats are not the only ones spreading falsehoods about the pro-life community’s stance on abortion. The media has been more than happy to help them. Last week, the Union Leader published a piece which claimed that Cornerstone targeted a number of NH reps, including James Allard, for supporting a bill that would add a fatal fetal anomalies exception to New Hampshire’s 24 week abortion ban. This is not an accurate representation of the original bill or our position. The original HB 1609 entirely nullified the late-term abortion ban, and that’s why we opposed these representatives who supported it. Only later was the bill amended to only exempt fatal fetal anomalies. Those are the facts.

Journalists used to perform basic due diligence by asking for comment or at least checking our website. The fact that they no longer do so is why pro-abortion extremists are able to get away with peddling such blatant falsehoods about the law. While in some cases the problem is carelessness, in others it is a systemic attempt to deceive.

It is up to pro-life citizens in New Hampshire to dispel these falsehoods. You can do this by being well educated about the national debate on abortion, and, most importantly, our own abortion law. As long as we let pro-abortion voices use a foundation of lies to define this critical discussion, we will be fighting a losing battle at the ballot box.

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