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Gov. Sununu Lied to Get Elected

For years, New Hampshire’s “buffer zone” law has allowed private abortion clinics to ban counseling, protesting, and silent prayer on the public sidewalks outside their facilities. As a candidate, Chris Sununu promised pro-life voters he would repeal this buffer zone law. Sununu made this promise while meeting with a …

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Legislative Update 05/28/22

Governor Sununu Lied Last night Governor Sununu vetoed HB 1625, repealing the prohibition on entering or remaining on a public way or sidewalk adjacent to a reproductive health care facility. If signed, HB 1625 would have repealed New Hampshire’s unconstitutional “buffer zone” law, which allows abortion clinics to ban people from engaging in speech or even …

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Legislative Update 05/02/22

SB 399, relative to certain provisions of the Fetal Life Protection Act requiring an ultrasound examination STATUS: Originally introduced as a bill intended to repeal the Fetal Life Protection Act, SB 399 was amended to simply clarify the law’s narrow ultrasound requirement and that version was passed by the Senate earlier …

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Legislative Update 04/26/22

HB 1609, relative to certain provisions of the fetal life protection act requiring an ultrasound examination Last Thursday the Senate voted down an amendment proposed by Senator Regina Birdsell which would have created a “safe haven” in NH for babies diagnosed with fatal fetal anomalies by allowing these children to …

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