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Legislative Update January 11th 2021

Hearings To Be Scheduled Soon on More Than 800 Bills in House and Senate New Hampshire House and Senate committees will meet next week via Zoom conferences to take up their lengthy agenda for 2021. Hearings on hundreds of bills will be scheduled over the next few weeks. While the hearings will be held remotely, the committees will still be taking testimony from the public. Cornerstone …

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The Election Was Not The Finish Line

Now, the real work begins. It won’t be easy, after such intense effort during the recent campaign marathon. We know how hard everyone worked to connect with the constituents in their respective towns. How successful our newly-elected state level candidates are will depend on their own commitment, hard work, as well as continued support from pro-family voters. What you do today will set the tone for the next two years in Concord. Here are some things for the Christian citizen to consider as we move forward.

The Forgotten Force in Our New Hampshire Government

The Executive Council isn’t just a group of advisors. Its members wield real power in the state and serve as a check on the Governor. Whether we’re talking about significant state contracts, pardons, or judicial nominations, it’s the Executive Council who has the final say. If that surprises you, you are far from alone. In fact, the power of New Hampshire’s Executive Council is unmatched by any other similar state body in the country.

Is It Even Possible to be Non-Partisan in 2020?

Two years ago, we wrote a piece “The Challenge of Being Non-Partisan in Partisan Times,” acknowledging the sharp political divisions in our small state. Little did we know what lay ahead on both the state and national levels.

Cornerstone releases 2020 State General Election Endorsements

Cornerstone is sharing our endorsements for the November 3rd general election. We do not make these endorsements lightly. Key considerations for us are where the candidate stands on our core issues and, if an incumbent, how they have followed through on their commitments to their constituents. Based on our research, the candidates we name below are people in whom we believe you can place …

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The Future of Our Country is Up to YOU

If ever there was a time to step up, it’s now. Even one person who channels their feelings of helplessness into positive action helps stem the tide. And, just imagine the power of each of us just influencing one other person to do the same.

Cornerstone Releases 2020 State Primary Endorsements

With the September 8th primary just a few weeks away, Cornerstone is announcing our NH state candidate endorsements for those candidates who are facing a primary challenge. Our endorsements for the general election will be released after primary results are known.

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