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Granite State Home Educators Helps NH Parents Navigate School Questions

We recently sat down with Michelle Levell, founder of Granite State Home Educators (GSHE), a NH nonprofit dedicated to supporting homeschooling NH families with practical information and curricular and extracurricular educational and enrichment resources. Since children were sent home this spring in the wake of COVID-19 and families have been faced with unexpected remote learning challenges, GSHE has reached out to help meet their urgent informational and support needs. We talked about their core mission and the support they’ve extended to all families during this challenging time.

Bundled Bills = Bad Policy

The New Hampshire Senate Judiciary Committee voted on June 9 to bundle twelve bills into one. Any of the bills the committee bundled could be re-introduced in 2021. Each could get a fair and thoughtful Senate hearing at that time, instead of the one-hour twelve-bill-in-one hearing that took place.

Adopted Children Deserve Better: A CASA’s View (HB 1162)

As a former New Hampshire CASA who has represented children through the adoption process, I am concerned about the provisions of HB 1162, especially as they have been amended. By opening adoption to any “two adults” together, the law as proposed does not seem to be in the best interests of the adopted child.

Why It’s Time to Support SB 480

Cornerstone has strongly supported the passage of SB 480, a bill that would save women’s sports for biological women. Despite the mounting evidence that biological males who compete as women have an unfair advantage, the Senate Workforce and Education Committee voted 4-1 “inexpedient to legislate.” There has been an important development since that time.  On May 15th, the U.S. Department of Education Office for …

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Why SB 480 Is Good for Women and Sports

SB 480 is the Senate version of HB 1251. If passed, it would provide that participation in women’s sports in NH will be preserved for biological women. Cornerstone strongly supports SB 480.

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Caring, Not Killing: No to Assisted Suicide

Once again, an assisted suicide bill is being introduced in Concord. Cornerstone Action will be there to say that New Hampshire can do better. Caring, not killing, is the right approach when we’re faced with terminal illness. Unlike last year’s “study” bill, this year’s HB 1659-FN would directly legalize assisted suicide. The sponsors of the bill use all kinds of words to avoid saying …

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Woman testifies against CACR 14

Constitutional Amendment on Abortion Meets Strong Opposition

(Photo Credit: Beth Scaer) UPDATE 2/5/20 : The House Judiciary Committee voted on CACR 14 in executive session on February 5. By a margin of 18-2, the committee voted “inexpedient to legislate,” and we are overjoyed. Your overwhelming turnout opposing this poorly-crafted and objectionable amendment made a clear, compelling case and was effective beyond our expectations. Reported by Ellen Kolb after attending House Judiciary Committee hearing 1/22/2020 on …

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Save Women’s Sports in New Hampshire!!

Over the last two years, the NH Legislature, with the Governor’s approval, has passed a series of laws adding “gender identity” to the state’s non-discrimination laws. While equity and non-discrimination are just ideals conceived in the heart of God, because these laws are not based on reality, they predictably cause chaos and confusion. As Cornerstone warned last May, these poorly conceived laws are wreaking …

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The Emperor Has No Clothes

Pictured Above, recent article from the Union Leader online, about the article referenced in Shannon’s LTE. Shannon McGinley, Executive Director of Cornerstone Action, wrote a letter to the editor of the Manchester Union Leader which was published today, inspired by a recent article with photo and an op-ed in that paper. We encourage you to read it. We’ve also included the full text here. …

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Important State Funding Update and What’s Next for Bethany Christian Services

The Legislative Fiscal Committee was in action December 13, and we were there. Here’s a summary. Abortion Providers Benefit from Committee Vote The Fiscal Committee voted 7-3 along party lines to approve the bookkeeping change that will put into effect a dramatic increase in the amount of state general funds going to abortion providers by way of family planning programs. CORNERSTONE POSITION: Cornerstone was opposed to the …

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