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Understanding the Case for HB 542 and Why NH Needs It

HB 542, Rep. Keith Ammon’s Religious Liberty Act, is under assault. It is difficult for followers of the bill to determine the truth in the fog created by numerous distortions and outright falsehoods. Here is the simple truth.

Protect the Late-Term Preborn: Don’t Let Amendments Sabotage HB 625

We are very close to a Senate vote on HB 625, a bill that would put protections in place to preserve the life of preborn children who are at least 24 weeks gestational age. Support is growing, but we are also facing determined opposition. HB 625-FN is a carefully crafted and worded bill representing the combined efforts of legislators and legal scholars, including two proposed amendments to strengthen it – the Birdsell and French amendments – which Cornerstone supports.

The Left is Starting to Blacklist Traditional Christians as “Christian Nationalists”

While we at Cornerstone are a specifically Christian organization, we promote the religious and civil liberties of all Granite Staters, including through our promotion of Rep. Jim Kofalt’s Bill HB 440—the Civil Liberties Defense Act. We’ve recently learned that Rep. Kofalt’s bill is being falsely identified by out-of-state progressive activists as part of “Project Blitz,” a supposed “Christian nationalist” interstate conspiracy.

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HB 233-FN Protects Infants Born Alive

The opposition would have our lawmakers believe this bill will lead to a nightmare scenario in which a child with only moments to live is jerked from a mothers’ arms and subjected to futile medical procedures. Although Cornerstone was not involved in preparing the original bill, this attack does not even accurately characterize the original bill. But the fact is that this scenario is unambiguously ruled out by the Birdsell Amendment.

House Finance Committee to Vote on Abortion Provider Funding

Take Action for Life Today! Division 3 of the House Finance Committee, which handles the Health and Human Services aspects of the proposed state budget, voted yesterday to pass an amendment on HB 2-FN-AL, relative to state fees, funds, revenues, and expenditures, which would prohibit the Department of Health and Human Services from awarding state funds to abortion clinics except to the degree necessary for the state’s …

House Finance Committee to Vote on Abortion Provider Funding Read More »

Fourteen NH House Republicans Voted to Keep Abortion Legal Up to Birth

When it comes to saving the lives of children in the last trimester, we have been fighting an uphill battle. The opposition has been implacable, absolute, and unwilling to give an inch, leaving abortion in New Hampshire legal throughout the full 40 weeks of a woman’s pregnancy.  The first glimmer of hope in ten years was the NH House’s passage of HB 625-FN, which …

Fourteen NH House Republicans Voted to Keep Abortion Legal Up to Birth Read More »


Republican-Led NH House Judiciary Committee Votes to Keep Abortion Legal Up to Birth

At yesterday’s executive session of the NH House Judiciary Committee, the Republican-majority committee voted to completely reject a slate of moderate pro-life legislation. These setbacks come despite New Hampshire voters having elected Republican majorities in both the House and Senate.  The Committee voted 11-10 against HB 625, which would prohibit abortion at or after 24 weeks of gestation, with exceptions for the life and …

Republican-Led NH House Judiciary Committee Votes to Keep Abortion Legal Up to Birth Read More »

HB 434 Will Safeguard New Hampshire’s Right to Keep Tax Dollars Out of the Abortion Industry

HB 434, prohibiting the use of public funds for abortion, is one of several life bills being introduced this session that are intended to put some accountability and framework into the wide-open abortion industry in the state. (The most critical of these bills is HB 625, a prohibition on advanced late-term abortions.) HB 434 will have its first hearing in the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, February 10th, at 9 am.

Important Update on Manchester Board of School Committee

The Board of Manchester School District SAU #37 met January 25th and pushed through a sweeping gender ideology policy, which—among other things—integrates biologically male athletes into women’s intramural and interscholastic sports. Although the policy was passed on January 25, a reconsideration vote is scheduled for Monday, February 8.

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