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The New Hampshire Supreme Court Has Just Revolutionized Religious Liberty

In a ruling on Tuesday, December 22, the New Hampshire Supreme Court handed down the greatest win for religious liberty in the state’s history. In a masterful opinion written by Justice James Bassett, the Supreme Court held—for the first time—that the New Hampshire Constitution provides serious protections for religious liberty. The Christmas-week ruling, State v. Mack, greatly shores up religious liberty in the Granite …

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Sacrificial Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Reflection

Demonstrating gratitude when times are tough is definitely a choice. But it is the right choice, because choosing to be thankful is precisely what allows a fresh wave of the creativity, grace, life, and peace of God’s presence to wash over us.

Justice Barrett’s Confirmation is a Triumph for the Church

On Monday, the church in America witnessed a rare triumph: an outspoken Christian confirmed to the Supreme Court. Christians who do not closely follow the Court might not appreciate just how extraordinary this fact is—and how fortunate we are to have such an inspiring Christian jurist on the bench. Yet we must also appreciate, and pray for, the difficult and volatile situation in which Justice Barrett now finds herself.

Lessons from a Transexual Satanic Anarchist

When Republican voters in Cheshire County went to the polls last week, little did they know they would be the critical ignition point of a national news story that would spread like wildfire coast to coast. We at Cornerstone got a hint of the notoriety to come the day after the primary as we began to receive frantic calls and emails from our network. …

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The Future of Our Country is Up to YOU

If ever there was a time to step up, it’s now. Even one person who channels their feelings of helplessness into positive action helps stem the tide. And, just imagine the power of each of us just influencing one other person to do the same.

Just Released: Cornerstone’s 2020 Scorecard

Cornerstone Action is proud to present our 2020 scorecard featuring votes cast by members of the New Hampshire House and Senate during the 2019-2020 session. You will find here a measure of how each of these elected officials voted on issues affecting New Hampshire families. We invest many hours of research to unearth and organize the detailed legislator voting information we use for our assessment of representatives …

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Granite State Home Educators Helps NH Parents Navigate School Questions

We recently sat down with Michelle Levell, founder of Granite State Home Educators (GSHE), a NH nonprofit dedicated to supporting homeschooling NH families with practical information and curricular and extracurricular educational and enrichment resources. Since children were sent home this spring in the wake of COVID-19 and families have been faced with unexpected remote learning challenges, GSHE has reached out to help meet their urgent informational and support needs. We talked about their core mission and the support they’ve extended to all families during this challenging time.

Happy Independence Day

America at 244: Overcoming Despair Through Faith and Action Today our nation celebrates its Independence, and our Director of Strategic Alliances, Neil Hubacker, reflects on its religious heritage. For many, this 244th marking of America’s birth may not feel like a celebration. The chaos, disease, division, injustice, and lawlessness in our nation seem to be reaching a fever pitch. It’s difficult to know who …

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