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Continue the Fight for the Rights of the Preborn!

While this week saw a precious victory for life with the Executive Council’s vote to deny approval for funding for abortion clinics in New Hampshire, the attacks against the preborn are only intensifying. The pro-abortion lobby continues its campaign of fear-mongering and misinformation, successfully swaying public opinion and influencing legislators to repeal the Fetal Life Protection Act.  Unfortunately, some legislators, including the Governor, are weakening under the constant pressure, …

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Don’t Let the Governor Gut Protections for Preborn in NH!

Sadly, Governor Sununu has repeatedly indicated his willingness to gut and nullify the recently passed Fetal Life Protection Act by doing away with the ultrasound requirement. Most recently, when asked about it in an interview with New Hampshire Public Radio he stated that, “I absolutely plan to revisit the law,” suggesting that the law’s ultrasound requirement is “too onerous.” However, the ultrasound requirement, which the Governor suggests is “onerous” is not …

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Sununu Wavering on 24-Week Abortion Ban

On June 25, Governor Sununu signed into law the state budget, HB 2 – which included the Fetal Life Protection Act. This historic legislation makes New Hampshire the first state in the country to go from allowing abortion up to birth to prohibiting late-term abortion.

Passage of the Budget Brings Long-Overdue Protections for the Preborn

Today, lawmakers came together to support HB 2, the state budget, by a vote of 192-181. Sections 37-40 of the budget enact the Fetal Life Protection Act, New Hampshire’s first ban on late-term abortion. At a time when other states are legalizing abortion up to birth, the Granite State has boldly gone in the opposite direction and rejected its longstanding and inhuman policy of pro-abortion absolutism.

New Hampshire Needs Our Prayers Now

We are in the final hours of negotiations on the state budget (HB 2). As you know, Cornerstone supports passage of the budget which contains landmark late-term abortion restriction language (Sections 37-40) as well as putting Hyde Amendment language in effect at the state level (Section 36). You can read more here.

Historic Victory on Life in the NH Senate

For too long, abortion has been legal in New Hampshire, for any reason, up to the moment of birth. Thanks to our fourteen Republican State Senators, the Granite State is now closer than ever to having its very first protections for late-term preborn children.

One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

The Senate Judiciary Committee met in an executive session today and considered four Cornerstone-supported bills. The following is our analysis on the status of the bills. See the conclusion of this post for an urgent call to action.

Protect the Late-Term Preborn: Don’t Let Amendments Sabotage HB 625

We are very close to a Senate vote on HB 625, a bill that would put protections in place to preserve the life of preborn children who are at least 24 weeks gestational age. Support is growing, but we are also facing determined opposition. HB 625-FN is a carefully crafted and worded bill representing the combined efforts of legislators and legal scholars, including two proposed amendments to strengthen it – the Birdsell and French amendments – which Cornerstone supports.

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Gov. Sununu Was Right to Open Schools

Governor Sununu has announced that all K-12 public schools in the state will return to full-time in-person learning five days a week by Thursday, April 19th. Currently, about 60 percent of schools are already doing this. This will mark the official end of mandated school closures that the Governor initiated on March 16, 2020 due to COVID-19. In his announcement, the Governor rightfully pointed …

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House Session April 7th: Contact Your Representatives TODAY!

The House will gather for their next session on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday April 7, 8, & 9 2021. There are several important bills we have been following that will come to the House for a vote.
We gathered them all here for your information are are telling you well in advance so you can contact your representatives!

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