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Introducing Concord 101

“Seems like I hear about crazy new laws every day… and I don’t even understand what they all mean!” “What can I do about all the insanity in Concord?” “Can I really affect any outcomes in our state government?” Introducing Cornerstone’s newest initiative: Concord 101! Coming to a New Hampshire town NEAR YOU!! Cornerstone’s 2-hour interactive how to testify seminar designed for “activist mommies,” retired persons, students, and interested citizens of …

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Title X Grantees Announced

HHS has announced grant awards for Title X family planning funds for the grant period of April 1st  2019- March 31st  2020 and Planned Parenthood of Northern New England will be the recipient of $600,000 of taxpayer money. As you may recall, President Trump’s new rule was rumored to prohibit federal taxpayer dollars to go to organizations that promote and administer abortion as a …

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3 Reasons to Consider Running for Local Office

…And Why The Time Is Now To Make the Commitment! Cornerstone is dedicated to keeping you posted on happenings at the State House. As our Nashua neighbors have recently reminded us, though, local offices are important as well. Our communities are stronger when they’re served by people of faith.  Town council, school board, budget committee, county commission: these are just a few of the offices filled during local elections, which are usually held …

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Now is the Time! Say NOPE TO DOPE

Short 5 minute message from Cornerstone’s Director of Strategic Alliances on the hazards of Recreational Marijuana usage. CLICK HERE  to download our Church Bulletin Insert Thursday, Feb 21st the House Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee VOTED 10-9, a very close and nonpartisan vote, to move forward with legalizing recreational marijuana, HB 481. THIS Wednesday, the entire NH House of Representatives will weigh in …

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Schools, Prayer, & Lawmakers: Clarity Needed (HB 289)

Cornerstone Action takes a cautious position on HB 289, relative to the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in elementary schools. The language of the bill is deceptively simple. It raises two concerns, however, which legislators should consider during the hearing on HB 289 (Thursday, 1/17/19, 2:30 p.m., House Education Committee). HB 289 would repeal a New Hampshire law permitting school districts to authorize the …

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New Hampshire birth certificate heading

Gender Ideology Threatens Vital Records

The New Hampshire House is considering a bill to allow individuals to obtain a new birth certificate based on a change of “gender identity.” Options on the birth certificate would be “male,” “female,” and “nonbinary.” HB 446 will have a hearing in the House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee on Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. Cornerstone Action opposes this threat to …

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