Upcoming Events: Rally for Parental Rights, Chloe Cole Speaking at Dartmouth

Your children were given to you to nurture and protect. Now, increasingly, this right is being threatened, particularly by forces within the public education system. This coming Tuesday there will be a public hearing on SB 272, the Parental Bill of Rights at 10 AM in Representative’s Hall. This bill would outline a parent’s right regarding their children’s education and upbringing within the school system. SB 272 includes vital language to prevent the covert, social gender transitioning of children by public school systems. You can sign in in support of SB 272 here.

Prior to the hearing, a rally for parental rights is being held on the State House lawn beginning at 9 AM. Come tell the NH government that you will fight to protect your children no matter what!

Last week, the Concord Holiday Inn caved to pressure from the woke mob and cancelled their agreement to host our event with de-transitioner Chloe Cole.

The Holiday Inn’s behavior is just the latest example of a consistent effort to marginalize and silence voices of young people, like Chloe, who have been hurt by the progressive agenda. However, we are exploring all options to aggressively push back against this latest attempt to silence young people like Chloe for escaping gender ideology.

Despite these setbacks, our event with Chloe Cole is still occurring. Murphy’s Taproom in Bedford, has graciously agreed to host the event which will occur there at the same time as originally planned, Tuesday, April 18 at 7 PM.

Go here to register for the event.


Go here to register for the Dartmouth event.

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