Breaking: Senate Votes to Kill Abortion Bill

Today, we give thanks that House Bill 224 was killed by a Senate vote of 14-10, along party lines, allowing New Hampshire’s Fetal Life Protection Act to remain in place.

This was a battle that New Hampshire’s pro-life community never should have needed to fight. Make no mistake about what this bill was: HB 224 was a bill to legalize the elective abortion of viable children older than six months’ gestation. By voting for this bill, our state House committed a monstrous act, beyond the pale in any other state similar to New Hampshire.

Thankfully, because of the votes of our senators today, viable pre-born children across the Granite State will remain protected. With poll after poll showing that a large majority of Granite Staters believe in some restrictions on abortion, today’s vote was a vote for the people of New Hampshire.

We thank God for our senators and for New Hampshire’s pro-life students, families, doctors, and pastors. The pro-life movement in our state is robust and growing, and the deranged extremism of abortion advocates has only made it stronger and more unstoppable. We expect that several of the Republican representatives who voted for this bill will not be returning to politics in the next term.

We urge you to thank the Senators who bravely stood up for life in New Hampshire today.

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