Congratulations Primary Winners

Please note. The candidates listed below are only those who had a primary. Not all of our endorsed candidates had primaries

Below are the Cornerstone endorsed winners of this year’s NH primary. Both of our endorsed Executive Council and NH Senate candidates won their primary. Of the candidates we endorsed for NH State House, over eighty percent won their primaries. That’s a tremendous percentage!

This primary was a victory for life in New Hampshire, with pro-life GOP House candidates winning primaries over their more pro-choice opponents in several districts. As a result, important GOP incumbents who supported pro-choice extremism during last year’s legislative session, will not be returning to the House this year.

Note: Districts with an asterisk next to them will have a recount.

NH Executive Council

District 4:
Ted Gatsas

District 5:
Dave Wheeler

NH Senate

District 11:
Gary Daniels

District 13:
Stephen Scaer

NH House of Representatives

Belknap 2:*
Lisa Smart

Belknap 5:
Dawn Johnson

Belknap 6:
Harry Bean

Belknap 7:
Barbara Comtois
Paul Terry

Carroll 1:
Frank McCarthy

Carroll 6:
Katy Peternel

Cheshire 4:
Thomas Savastano

Cheshire 9:
Rich Nalevanko

Cheshire 13:
Rita Mattson

Cheshire 15:
John Schmitt

Grafton 18:
John Sellers

Hillsborough 1:
Jeff Tenczar
Kimberly Abare
Sandy Panek

Hillsborough 2:
Britton Albiston
Laurie Sanborn
John Schneller
Ted Gorski
Linda Gould
Kristin Noble

Hillsborough 5:
Elizabetih Ferreira
Tom Lanzara

Hillsborough 6:
Paul Berube
Tara Canaway
David Schoneman

Hillsborough 12:
Bill Boyd
Barbara Healey
Bob Healey
Maureen Mooney
Jeanine Notter
Melissa Blasek
Tim McGough
Mary Mayville

Hillsborough 29:
Fred Plett
Sheila Seidel
Doug Pounds

Hillsborough 32:
Diane Kelley
Jim Kofalt

Hillsborough 40:
Jamie Brassill

Hillsborough 42:
Keith Ammon
Gerald Griffin
Lisa Post

Hillsborough 43:
Bill King
Vanessa Sheehan
Mike Thornton
Jesse Broderick

Merrimack 3:
Dave Testerman

Merrimack 4:
Jose Cambrils
Michael Moffett

Merrimack 7:
Claire Ketteler

Merrimack 10:
Stephen Boyd
Thomas Walsh

Merrimack 13:
Cy Aures
Clayton Wood

Merrimack 14:
Dan McGuire

Merrimack 27:
JR Hoell
Carol McGuire

Rockingham 13:
Erica Layon
David Love
Jodi Nelson
Stephen Pearson
John Potucek
Phyllis Katsakiores
Richard Tripp
Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien

Rockingham 16:
Tom Dolan
Ron Dunn
Wayne MacDonald
Sherman Packard
Doug Thomas

Rockingham 17:*
Charles McMahon

Rockingham 18:
Arlene Quaratiello

Rockingham 23:
Kirsten Schultz

Rockingham 25:
Fred Doucette
John Janigian

Rockingham 30:
Tina Harley

Rockingham 35:*
Julius Soti

Strafford 1:
James Horgan
Joe Pitre

Strafford 19:
Fenton Groen
Kelley Potenza

Sullivan 3:
Skip Rollins
Steven Smith

To look up your voting districts, go here.

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