URGENT: Defend Rep. Blasek from the RINO Establishment

Urgent: An establishment Republican PAC is spending thousands of dollars targeting your representative, Melissa Blasek, with flat-out lies about her record. Make no mistake: Rep. Blasek is being targeted for standing up to RINOs and defending your liberty.

Rep. Blasek is not only a Cornerstone-endorsed candidate, but a powerful and rising force in the New Hampshire House on our key issues. 

Blasek has consistently voted to protect life, champion religious freedom and other civil liberties, defend women and girls from gender ideology, advance parents’ rights, and break the stranglehold of the cultural left on our education system. She played a key role in the passage of the Civil Liberties Defense Act, protecting all civil liberties from being “suspended” in a state of emergency.

Cornerstone, New Hampshire’s only Christian advocacy organization, calls upon the body of Christ in Hillsborough 12 to defend Rep. Blasek and return her to Concord, where she can continue her extraordinary and providential work.

Please urgently spread the word among your neighbors and friends that we cannot afford to lose Rep. Blasek’s voice and influence. Please vote for Rep. Blasek in the primary election on September 13. 

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