Cornerstone Statement on Dobbs Decision

While our review of today’s Supreme Court decision is ongoing, we understand that it is substantially the previously-leaked opinion. This means that the issue of abortion has now been returned entirely to the states.

Granite Staters who oppose abortion should understand that, when it comes to abortion law, this decision changes nothing about our immediate situation in New Hampshire.

Early this year, Governor Sununu—despite previously promising to support a late-term abortion ban—unsuccessfully backed legislation which would have effectively destroyed our current six-month ban and returned New Hampshire to unlimited abortion up to birth. The Governor’s efforts nearly succeeded in the House. 

In May, the Governor even used his veto power to protect anti-free speech “buffer zones” outside abortion clinics—even though he had promised in a signed letter that he would repeal the buffer zone law.

Recent polling shows that 62.2 percent of Granite Staters either support New Hampshire’s current six-month limit on abortion or want a more restrictive abortion ban. Yet the people’s views on abortion are, unfortunately, not at all reflected in the composition of our state government. In our state capitol, every Democrat and many Republicans now consistently vote to allow abortion for any reason until the moment of birth. 

This means that, in the area of state abortion law, our immediate priority must be consolidating our modest victories, repelling further attacks by Democrats and the Governor, and protecting children from being aborted weeks or days before birth.

Make no mistake, however: New Hampshire cannot be isolated from national politics. We expect today’s news will hasten political polarization around the country and inflame a hateful totalitarianism which threatens America’s constitutional order. We must also focus—more than ever—on the physical safety of pregnancy care centers and churches and, ultimately, on protecting the separation of powers and the rule of law.

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