Tell Your Executive Councilor to Vote NO on Contracts with Abortion Facilities

On Wednesday, November 29, the New Hampshire Executive Council is expected to vote on contracts for the New Hampshire Family Planning Program. Some of these contracts, if approved, could provide taxpayer monies to facilities that provide abortion, such as Planned Parenthood. Any New Hampshire tax dollars going to these facilities support abortion procedures and the murders of innocent human lives – even if indirectly. As New Hampshire citizens and voters, we must take a stand and prevent this egregious misuse of our tax funds.

We must reject the misleading argument that these monies are not used for abortion, but rather “other services.” Monies are fungible. Providing these funds free up dollars to cover the cost of the overhead of a facility that tears babies into pieces including the computer, phones, and the salary of the staffers who make the appointments. Our dollars that go to “non-abortion” services actually free up funds to purchase the table where the abortions are done, the equipment used, and even the heat and air conditioning. The list goes on. We want no part in their horrific practices.

We urge you to contact your Executive Councilor now, and ask them to stand up for life by opposing these contracts. You can find your Executive Counselor by selecting your town here, or by viewing the district map here.
If you already know your district, you can contact your councilor using the information listed below.

District 1: Councilor Joseph D. Kenney

District 2: Councilor Cinde Warmington

District 3: Councilor Janet Stevens

District 4: Councilor Theodore L. Gatsas

District 5: Councilor David K. Wheeler

Contact your Executive Councilor

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