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Conscience Bill Should Be Welcomed

Shortly before the 2016 election, then-candidate Chris Sununu  – who had a mixed record as an executive councilor when it came to funding abortion providers – wrote that he would support five specific “common sense” initiatives long pursued by pro-life voters. In an open letter addressed to attorney Ovide Lamontagne, Sununu cited “healthcare freedom of …

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Medical Conscience Rights: Cornerstone Supports HB 1787-FN

Your doctor shouldn’t have to leave her convictions at the office door when she comes to work. On Tuesday, February 20, at 10:00 a.m., a House committee will consider HB 1787-FN. This bill would prohibit discrimination against health care providers who object on religious, moral, or ethical grounds to participating in providing or facilitating abortion, …

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Therapy Bans: Committee Says “No,” and Cornerstone Agrees

Two bills written to interfere with licensed counselors, HB 587 and SB 244, will get House votes in January 2018 after being retained by the House Health and Human Services Committee last spring.  These two bills are about what sponsors call “conversion therapy,” but the truth is that these bills would create a therapy ban …

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Honoring the Memory of Charlie Gard

We hear with great sadness of the death of little Charlie Gard, who has died in hospice after his parents were denied the opportunity to provide experimental medical treatment for him. His life and death, and his parents’ heroic defense of their son’s dignity, make us all think about the dignity of people with disabilities, …

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