THANK YOU, GOVERNOR SUNUNU! Government Mandated Abortion Insurance Gets a VETO!

BREAKING! Today, August 7, Governor Chris Sununu vetoed HB 685, which would have mandated that certain health insurance policies cover abortions.

The original text of HB 685 dealt with insurance coverage of ambulance services, but was replaced in its entirety by the Senate with this pro-abortion mandate. The House then violated its own rules regarding non-germane amendments by voting to pass the new bill cased in the shell of the original. Further, the Senate’s tactics left the public with no chance to testify against HB 685 as amended. In vetoing a bill resulting from this dishonest sleight of hand, the Governor has supported the need for integrity and honesty in our legislative system.

HB 685 was an attack on the conscience rights of Granite Staters. No insurer or employer should be compelled to pay for an abortion against their will. No legislator and no governor should get away with calling an abortion mandate “reproductive health parity,” as abortion activists do. HB 685 was not about health. It was about abortion. Today’s decision is a victory for life, for freedom of conscience, and for the integrity of politics in our state.

ACTION ITEM: Please thank Governor Sununu for vetoing HB 685! 

(603) 271-2121 or

NEXT STEP: House and Senate will meet in September to consider overriding the veto. Watch Cornerstone’s updates for more information.

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