What’s Ahead in the NH Primary and Why Your Informed Vote Matters

To say this is a big election year is an understatement. Not only are we electing the individuals who will serve us at the national level in the U.S. Senate and House, but those who will serve in every elected position in our state, including Governor, the NH House, NH Senate, and the Executive Council, the often overlooked body that wields considerable power in the state.

With the State Primary Election on Tuesday, September 13th, we have the gift of an extra week to reorient ourselves after the holiday. It’s a rare opportunity for additional time to do the research needed to make our vote count and advance those candidates who will best represent us in the years ahead. 

It is vital that each voter in New Hampshire take the time now to learn who their candidates are and where they stand on the issues most important to them. Sadly, there will be voters who will sit out either the Primary or the General Election. And, there will be others who will enter the voting booth unprepared, or who will have made a decision based on an impression or acquaintance rather than deeper knowledge of the candidate and how they will likely vote and serve when in office.

As concerned citizens, we can’t let that happen. Our vote matters now more than ever, especially at the state level. The upcoming primary is critical to ensuring we have the right candidates on the ballot in the general election on November 8th. The difference of a single seat can impact important legislative outcomes impacting liberty, faith, life, and family in our state. And the difference of just a handful of votes can determine an election outcome.

It isn’t enough just to vote. Researching the candidates is critical to making the right voting decisions. We are a small state of neighbors and candidates that may live just a few doors down from each other. It is easy to equate friendliness and an acquaintanceship with earning our trust even though we may have no idea how someone might represent us. Fortunately, the other side of that small state coin is access. We can call or email our sitting state senators and state representatives.  Most challengers have their own websites and contact information. There is nothing like a personal exchange to help us arrive at an informed opinion while helping our incumbents and candidates to understand what is important to us. We have already learned about encouraging stories of hearts and minds changed through personal interaction. 

And, to help you make informed voting decisions, we’ve compiled a 2022 Legislative Scorecard that rates incumbents on how they voted on our core issues. We’ve also released our own candidate endorsements as part of our Elections 2022 resources for your consideration. But, ultimately, voting is a matter of individual choice and conscience. Make your vote count this year, and make New Hampshire a true haven for life, liberty, and faith.

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