Cornerstone 2022 Executive Council Endorsements

Cornerstone is happy to announce our 2022 endorsements for NH Executive Council.  The Executive Council is a unique institution in New Hampshire, serving as a check on the power of the Governor. While the councilors do not directly vote on legislation, they play a crucial role in determining the direction of our state. The Executive Council has the power to approve or reject nominations for the NH Supreme Court, NH superior courts and NH circuit court judges. They also approve the awarding of state contracts over $10,000. This past year alone, the Executive Council rejected multiple attempts to provide funding to abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood.

For these reasons, who you choose to be your Executive Councilor is extremely important. Voters who give the Executive Council race the attention it deserves will be making sure that the authority we entrust these individuals with is used to serve the people.

For more information on the Executive Council, and why it is so important, go here.

District 1: Joe Kenney

District 3: Janet Stevens

District 4: Ted Gatsas

District 5: Dave Wheeler

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