Honoring God | 2022

Will you honor God with your vote this election day?

Endorsements you can trust for Family First Candidates throughout New Hampshire

Cornerstone Action sets a high bar for endorsements. Not every candidate can clear it. We consider several factors, including voting records and responses to Cornerstone’s candidate survey, before we issue endorsements. As a reminder, Cornerstone Action  is registered in New Hampshire and cannot make endorsements in federal (Congressional) races.

All about Voting in NH

NH General Election is Tuesday, November 8th

Sample ballot

Not sure what election day races you need information on? Start by downloading a sample ballot. Look up by party, town, and ward your ballot for the upcoming election.

How to register to vote

Register to vote by visiting your town or city clerk's office and completing a voter registration form. You may also register on the day of the election, in some circumstances. NOTE: You may register and vote by absentee (by mail) if You are concerned that registering or voting in person will expose you or others to COVID-19.

Find your polling location

If you are voting in person on election day, you must vote in a particular place during particular times on November 3 (general). Polling locations are assigned based on your address.


Christians Should Care about Government and Voting


Government was instituted by God.

Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2 show us that government was instituted by God, created with a purpose and responsibility: to punish evil and praise those who do good. Government is God’s social institution of justice, a value so important to God that His Son was killed on the Cross to satisfy its requirements.


Government officials are ministers of God.

Romans 13 calls government officials ministers of God, meaning they are, in effect, servants of the Lord. Just as pastors are ministers of the Church, elected officials are ministers of God in government, and they have a job to do for Him. This should change the way we view our elected officials. This is why the Bible calls us to pray, submit, and honor those in authority. (1 Tim 2, Rom 13, 1 Pet 2)


Government cannot properly do its job without the church.

How do governments of the world determine good and evil? Left on their own, governments often get it wrong. Government needs the Church to provide a standard and to give sound counsel on what the Lord has called good and evil.


Law matters.

The law has never been able to save, and we are free from the penalty of sin. But the moral law comes from the character and nature of God, standing as a teacher and shaper of culture. Godly leaders pass laws that help guide society to see what is right and to protect people by making it more difficult to sin.


You get to choose.

As Americans, we get to choose our ministers of government. As Christians, we also know what God expects of government. He also expects us to be good stewards of this opportunity and select righteous, qualified individuals to serve as ministers in government. Our right to vote is a gift God has given us to use to honor Him. (Matt 25:14-30)

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