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Lessons from a Transexual Satanic Anarchist

When Republican voters in Cheshire County went to the polls last week, little did they know they would be the critical ignition point of a national news story that would spread like wildfire coast to coast. We at Cornerstone got a hint of the notoriety to come the day after the primary as we began to receive frantic calls and emails from our network. …

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What Does a Candidate’s Social Media Tell You?

A candidate may check off all the “right” boxes on a survey or campaign platform but fail in presenting a mature and thoughtful approach online. For those who look deeper, that is a clear indication of trouble ahead should they take office.

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Save Women’s Sports (SB 480)

Cornerstone strongly supports SB 480, and we thank the legislators who have sponsored it. The bill is about sports equity for female student athletes. SB 480 will protect a level playing field for girls, who are at risk of losing the ground gained by women athletes via Title IX. Sports are separated by sex category, not an arbitrary measure. This bill simply clarifies that …

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“Non-binary” on School Records (HB 1163)

Cornerstone Action takes a cautionary position on HB 1163. We believe that in its current form, it invites potential unintended negative consequences for the student. HB 1163 is a requirement to update school documents and software to include the option of identifying a student as non-binary. While we appreciate this is a natural result of recently-enacted legislation, we don’t believe “non-binary” should replace biological …

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The Truth on the NH Budget and Planned Parenthood Spending

The following Cornerstone Op-Ed was printed in Granite Grok November 8th, 2019 and the Union Leader November 13th, 2019 and the Concord Monitor November 18, 2019.  We’ve heard a good deal of applause in the wake of the passing of the state budget and taxpayer replacement of “lost” Title X funds. Examples are recent columns by Dunlap, Leach, and Vidunas in the Concord Monitor and  …

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Planned Parenthood to Taxpayers: Shut Up and Pay. We’ve Got a Business to Run.

This Cornerstone Op-Ed was originally printed Aug 21st 2019 on NH Journal Online. When the federal government got into the family planning business a half-century ago, one thing was agreed upon by all parties, even the people who argued the feds didn’t belong in anyone’s bedroom: funds for family planning were not to be used for abortion. Family planning was one thing, abortion was …

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Why the Facts Don’t Matter

Following Cornerstone Op-Ed was printed in Granite Grok March 14th, 2019, the NH Journal March 18th, 2019 and the Concord Monitor on March 24th, 2019.  As the head of a nonprofit known for taking principled stands, I believe the truth is important. Foundational to our organization is the belief an informed electorate is critical to our republic. So, before taking a stand or sharing information, …

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A Fitting Fate for Bill Full of Hostility to Religion (HB 289)

In a few days, the New Hampshire House will vote on a bill regarding prayer in New Hampshire schools. The House is likely to follow the Education Committee’s recommendation of “inexpedient to legislate” (ITL) for HB 289. Less likely is a House debate on the reason for the ITL: the Democratic majority on the Education committee preferred to kill the bill altogether rather than …

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When adherence to Biology becomes “Discrimination”: HB383

When respecting biology and human integrity becomes “discrimination,” we’re all at risk. Beware House Bill 383, which would require the school board to “ensure that there shall be no unlawful discrimination” in any school that “receives public funds.”  

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