Legislative Update: Senate Votes for Life!

During a Senate session Thursday, senators voted 14-9 to pass an amendment to HB 2, the state budget, sponsored by Senators Regina Birdsell and Sharon Carson. This amendment rewrote Sections 37-40 of the state budget to create a real and workable ban on late-term abortion.

Historic Victory on Life in the NH Senate

For too long, abortion has been legal in New Hampshire, for any reason, up to the moment of birth. Thanks to our fourteen Republican State Senators, the Granite State is now closer than ever to having its very first protections for late-term preborn children.

Legislative Update, May 10th

HB 440-A, The Civil Liberties Defense Act WHEN: HB 440 will be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, May 11, at 2:00 P.M. CORNERSTONE POSITION: Cornerstone SUPPORTS this bill. For more information on HB 440-A, visit the links below: Watch Rep. Matt Simon’s powerful warning that HB 440-A is necessary to stop our civil liberties from being ‘suspended’ in a state of emergency. …

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Protect the Late-Term Preborn: Don’t Let Amendments Sabotage HB 625

We are very close to a Senate vote on HB 625, a bill that would put protections in place to preserve the life of preborn children who are at least 24 weeks gestational age. Support is growing, but we are also facing determined opposition. HB 625-FN is a carefully crafted and worded bill representing the combined efforts of legislators and legal scholars, including two proposed amendments to strengthen it – the Birdsell and French amendments – which Cornerstone supports.

Fourteen NH House Republicans Voted to Keep Abortion Legal Up to Birth

When it comes to saving the lives of children in the last trimester, we have been fighting an uphill battle. The opposition has been implacable, absolute, and unwilling to give an inch, leaving abortion in New Hampshire legal throughout the full 40 weeks of a woman’s pregnancy.  The first glimmer of hope in ten years was the NH House’s passage of HB 625-FN, which …

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House votes YES on Two Life Bills

NH House Votes “Yes” on HB-625 and HB 233! A “Win” For New Hampshire’s Preborn and Protections for Those Born Alive Your voice does make a difference! Wednesday, February 24th, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted “yes” on HB 625-FN, a vote that puts us closer to needed protections against late-term abortion for preborn lives in our state. Currently, NH allows abortion for any reason …

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HB 430 Restores Constitutionally Protected Free Speech Near Abortion Facilities

HB 430, The Sidewalk Free Speech Act, will repeal the current prohibition on gathering in a public area that is near a reproductive health care facility. Cornerstone strongly supports this bill. Not only does it address what is essentially a throttle on free speech in the state, the constitutionality of our current “buffer zone” is in question (a similar law was invalidated in Massachusetts …

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HB 625 Will Provide a Long-Overdue Prohibition on Advanced Late-Term Abortions

HB 625, Relative to the protection of fetal life, would prohibit a healthcare provider in NH from aborting a preborn child with a gestational age of at least 24 weeks. The bill will have its crucial first hearing in the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, February 9, at 9 am. After many years of similar failed legislation, it needs strong citizen support if it is to fulfill its mission of protecting viable life. To act now, go to our Take Action 2021 page and find specific action information for HB 625 under “LIFE.”

The Attack Ad Told Me to Check the Facts – So I Did

I am an “undeclared” voter, in the parlance of New Hampshire’s election laws, which means I’m not registered with any political party. I get a hefty pile of political ads in the mail every day during election season, as both major parties try to win my vote. Check the facts, they urge me. I recently got a mailer from the state Democrat party attacking …

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