We Must Pass the Budget

Cornerstone calls on the State House and Governor to pass the budget. Like many other conservative groups, we did not get everything we wanted this legislative session. On civil liberties especially, there is a great deal of work left to do – and we are committed to continuing the fight. But the fact is that the 24-week abortion ban contained in Sections 37-40 will be a historic victory for New Hampshire. And getting the ban this far has been a long and hard-fought battle. 

Think of it. After decades of a wide-open abortion climate in the state, once HB 2 is signed by Governor Sununu, we will finally have commonsense protections in place for late-term preborn at or after 24 weeks, affording them long-overdue protections under the law. To learn more about the provisions in Sections 37-40, including protections for the mother, please read our blog post.

This budget must pass. We are so close to passing historic late-term abortion restrictions contained in Sections 37-40 of the state budget.

The budget, HB 2, has navigated through both houses. After the Committee of Conference signs off by 4pm on Thursday, June 17, it will head to the full House on Thursday, June 24. If passed by the House, it will head to the Governor’s desk.

But we are far from home-free. If there was ever a time to speak up in defense of the preborn, it is right now. This very minute. 

Your voice could be the one that makes the difference between victory and defeat.

Take a few minutes, right now, to contact your state representatives. When you do, urge them to support the state budget, HB 2, with Sections 37-40 intact. Can you think of anything more important than a child’s life?

While the provision requiring the immediate separation of abortion facilities from clinical services has been eliminated in Section 36, this area of the budget contains wording consistent with the Hyde Amendment. Additional language was approved that would require state-funded family planning providers to physically and financially separate family planning and abortion services if a state review found that tax dollars were improperly funding abortion. (We will point to this language when we call for an audit of abortion providers.)

Will you speak out now? Or will the preborn in New Hampshire once again be without protections of any kind? This rare and precious window of opportunity will not come again. Please don’t let it close. Contact your state representatives. Contact Governor Sununu. Ask them to pass the budget. 

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