Legislative Update: Speak up for Life and Liberty!

We are in the final days of this legislative session with two important measures nearing the finish line. Whether they are successful or not depends on your support. Please take a few minutes to contact your representative and the Governor on Sections 37-40 of HB 2 and HB 542 and urge others to do the same.

 Sections 37-40 of HB 2: Fetal Life Protection Act

STATUS: Sections 37-40 of HB 2, the State Budget, now contain a late-term abortion ban: the Fetal Life Protection Act. Thanks to a floor amendment by Senators Birdsell and Carson, the Senate has already repaired all of the problems with a previous version of the ban. All we need to do now is make surethat the House accepts the Senate version of Sections 37-40 with no further alterations whatsoever

1. Contact your State Representatives
2. Contact Governor Sununu

In both cases, urge them to pass the state budget with sections 37-40 completely unaltered from the version passed by the NH State Senate

Sections 37-40 of the budget adopt the language of HB 625, the Fetal Life Protection Act, and the Carson-Birdsell amendments, to create a 24-week abortion ban that would be able to withstand possible court action. It is extremely important that they are passed without change. The wording for these sections of the HB 2 was developed in consultation with scholars of abortion law, and even small and seemingly innocuous edits to the language can weaken and destroy such a bill. For more information, see our blog post on the Senate’s decision.

HB 542, The Religious Liberty Act

STATUS: The Senate voted to pass HB 542 with amendment. The Senate-amended bill will now go back to the House for a final vote.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Please contact your representatives and ask them to support the Senate version of HB 542 to ensure our freedom to worship is considered as essential as other services during a declared emergency. 

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