Important Update on Manchester Board of School Committee

The Board of Manchester School District SAU #37 met January 25th and pushed through a sweeping gender ideology policy, which—among other things—integrates biologically male athletes into women’s intramural and interscholastic sports. Although the policy was passed on January 25, a reconsideration vote is scheduled for Monday, February 8.

Why SB 480 Is Good for Women and Sports

SB 480 is the Senate version of HB 1251. If passed, it would provide that participation in women’s sports in NH will be preserved for biological women. Cornerstone strongly supports SB 480.

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Save Women’s Sports (SB 480)

Cornerstone strongly supports SB 480, and we thank the legislators who have sponsored it. The bill is about sports equity for female student athletes. SB 480 will protect a level playing field for girls, who are at risk of losing the ground gained by women athletes via Title IX. Sports are separated by sex category, not an arbitrary measure. This bill simply clarifies that …

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“Non-binary” on School Records (HB 1163)

Cornerstone Action takes a cautionary position on HB 1163. We believe that in its current form, it invites potential unintended negative consequences for the student. HB 1163 is a requirement to update school documents and software to include the option of identifying a student as non-binary. While we appreciate this is a natural result of recently-enacted legislation, we don’t believe “non-binary” should replace biological …

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Sports Equity for Female Student Athletes (HB 1251)

Written Testimony given to the House Education Committee by Shannon McGinley of Cornerstone Action for hearing on HB 1251, January 15 2020.  Cornerstone strongly supports HB 1251, and we thank the many legislators who have sponsored it today. The bill is about sports equity for female student athletes. HB 1251 will protect a level playing field for girls, who are at risk of losing …

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The Emperor Has No Clothes

Pictured Above, recent article from the Union Leader online, about the article referenced in Shannon’s LTE. Shannon McGinley, Executive Director of Cornerstone Action, wrote a letter to the editor of the Manchester Union Leader which was published today, inspired by a recent article with photo and an op-ed in that paper. We encourage you to read it. We’ve also included the full text here. …

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CHANGED Event Report

“It was powerful!”Cornerstone CHANGED Event Report:Saturday, November 2, 2019Hope and healing for those struggling with unwanted same sex attraction and/or gender dysphoria.    When it comes to the areas of same-sex attraction and sexual identity, often we feel we are fighting an uphill battle. The war of words can be exhausting. But, make no mistake, God’s truth will prevail. Beyond the rhetoric are real lives, …

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