Important Update on Manchester Board of School Committee

The Board of Manchester School District SAU #37 met January 25th and pushed through a sweeping gender ideology policy, which—among other things—integrates biologically male athletes into women’s intramural and interscholastic sports. Although the policy was passed on January 25, a reconsideration vote is scheduled for Monday, February 8.

Cornerstone is calling on Manchester parents to contact their ward’s Board member and urge them to reject the policy.

You can view an archived version of the Board’s web page here, complete with a list of the Board members for each ward and their contact information. 

By opening shared facilities, the policy gives preferential treatment to transgender students above non-transgender girls (and boys) who have concerns about privacy and safety. The Board’s remedy is to have students with concerns about sharing public facilities use private facilities, and the argument is that this does not “marginalize” those students. Cornerstone feels that since the accommodation is being given to transgender students, the use of private facilities for students who self-identify as the opposite sex is the appropriate remedy, and, by the Board’s own reasoning, there should be no question of being marginalized as a result.

We’ve discussed the issue of allowing biological men to participate in women’s sports extensively. It is simply wrong and unfair to women. This video from Prager University sums it up.

In case the gender policy itself becomes unavailable, you can view the policy here. The policy starts on page 26. See especially the page marked number 30, which lays out some of the specifics of the policy.

If you share our concerns about this ill-advised policy, contact your school board members today and urge them to vote no on the reconsideration vote, Monday February 8th! 

Screenshot of the mentioned policy
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