Legislative Update 04/26/22

HB 1609, relative to certain provisions of the fetal life protection act requiring an ultrasound examination

Last Thursday the Senate voted down an amendment proposed by Senator Regina Birdsell which would have created a “safe haven” in NH for babies diagnosed with fatal fetal anomalies by allowing these children to be delivered by induction. This commonsense solution to the concerns expressed over indicated fatal fetal anomalies would have given these children a chance at life in the event of an inaccurate diagnosis while offering mothers a humane alternative to abortion.

Unfortunately, the Birdsell Amendment was defeated on the Senate floor in a 14-10 vote. The Senate instead voted to pass the House version of HB 1609, which creates an exemption to the 24-week abortion ban for children who are diagnosed in utero with fetal abnormalities incompatible with life. 

Although it failed, we are grateful to the senators who voted in favor of the amendment. Please take a moment thank the ten Republican Senators who voted for life yesterday.

HB 1625, repealing the prohibition on entering or remaining on a public way or sidewalk adjacent to a reproductive health care facility

STATUS: HB 1625 had a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee last Tuesday. It is now awaiting their vote.

CORNERSTONE POSITION: Cornerstone supports this bill. 

For years, New Hampshire’s “buffer zone” law has allowed private abortion clinics to ban sidewalk counseling and protesting on the public sidewalks outside their facilities. This law is a naked violation of the First Amendment. However, as abortion clinics have never actually enforced the law, it cannot be challenged in court.

Knowing that the law would be struck down if it is ever actually challenged, New Hampshire abortion clinics have avoided enforcing the law while, at the same time, campaigning vigorously against any legislative attempts to repeal it. The clinics’ goal apparently is to keep the law on the books as a deterrent to free speech through the threat of possible punishment. HB 1625 will finally repeal the onerous buffer zone law.

For more information on HB 1625 go here.

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  Please contact the Committee and ask them to vote “Ought to Pass” on HB 1625.

Update On HB 440, the Civil Liberties Defense Act
Several weeks ago Governor Sununu signed HB 440, the Civil Liberties Defense Act into law. In doing so he provided protection for Granite Staters from legislative overreach by his successors. Please take a moment to contact the Governor  and thank him for protecting our civil liberties and signing HB 440. Please also take a moment to thank Rep. Jim Kofalt, the law’s prime sponsor, as well as Reps. Keith AmmonHershel NunezSusan Homola, and Sen. Kevin Avard, the law’s co-sponsors.
Contact Governor Sununu: 603-271-2121

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