NH Lawmakers Override Veto on Partial-Birth Abortion

The New Hampshire legislature’s override of Governor Lynch’s veto of HB 1679 marks a New Hampshire milestone. More than two-thirds of our lawmakers decided today that our state has no place for a gruesome abortion method that is dangerous to women, medically unnecessary, and akin to infanticide.  Whatever one thinks of Roe v. Wade, it remains  the law of the land. Our legislators accepted the U.S. Supreme Court’s holding that a law against partial-birth abortion still leaves other abortion methods available for women and their health-care providers who choose late-term abortion.
The federal ban on this abortion method was upheld in the Gonzales decision. Since the federal law only applies to a limited number of circumstances, this state-level law is essential.

Governor Lynch’s concerns were groundless, as the House and Senate recognized today.We look forward to the bill going into effect next January.
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