GOP Members of NH Senate Judiciary are Protecting the Fetal Life Protection Act, Turning the Tables on Democrats

Ardent pro-abortion legislators have been working overtime to overturn New Hampshire’s modest protections for the preborn starting at 24 weeks, and we are fighting against several bills that would gut or repeal the Fetal Life Protection Act entirely.

One such bill was SB 399, a one-sentence repeal sponsored by no less than fifteen NH Senate Democrats. But, thanks to the efforts of the three Republican Judiciary Committee members, the bill has been amended to actually strengthen our law and clarify its provisions – specifically the often-attacked ultrasound requirement.

While the opposition and the Governor himself have painted the ultrasound requirement as unnecessary and intrusive, it is the key enforcement mechanism of the new law. Without it, there would be no way to objectively determine a child’s gestational age and whether the law had been violated. That is precisely why the provision has been so relentlessly attacked and mischaracterized.

In its amended state, SB 399 works to specify what the law already says: an ultrasound need only be performed if a provider knows or believes a preborn child could be at least 24 weeks old. Although that was always the practical effect of the provisions of the Fetal Life Protection Act, the amended bill removes any doubt and closes the door on disingenuous debate about requiring ultrasounds in early pregnancy. SB 399, though introduced with the worst intentions for the preborn, has now been rewritten by our allies into a form we can proudly support.

The amendment itself mirrors Representative Beth Folsom’s successfully adopted amendment to  HB 1609, a bill that initially gutted the ultrasound requirement – a testament to the power of both chambers working together for a common goal. The work of these Republicans shows what can be done when we stand strong and defend common sense law that protects the preborn in their last weeks before birth. Please take a moment to thank them for their hard work and success this week.

Republican Judiciary Committee Members:

Senator Sharon Carson

Senator Bill Gannon

Senator Harold French

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