GOP Senate Members Vote to Preserve the Fetal Life Protection Act, Turning Back Democrats’ Repeal Attempt

SB 399 was originally an outright repeal of the Fetal Life Protection Act – or FLPA – proposed by Senate Democrats. Fortunately, the bill was amended by Judiciary Committee Republicans to instead protect our law by further clarifying its ultrasound requirement. The bill was voted on by the full Senate today, passing on party lines 14-10. 

The law reiterates and further clarifies that an ultrasound need only be performed if a provider knows of a substantial risk that a preborn child is at least 24 weeks old. Although that was always the effect of the Fetal Life Protection Act, the amended bill removes any doubt and closes the door on contrived accusations about requiring ultrasounds in early pregnancy. SB 399, though introduced with the worst intentions for the preborn, now further bolsters the FLPA.

Importantly, although the amended bill simply states that ultrasounds are only required in limited circumstances, not a single Democrat voted for the bill. This vote has exposed the cynical motives of Democrats in falsely claiming that the law’s ultrasound requirement was onerous. 

Faced with an opportunity to further clarify that the ultrasound requirement is limited, Democrats instead voted to maintain the illusion of an expansive ultrasound requirement, showing that they were never genuinely concerned that any women would be burdened by the ultrasound provisions in the law.

Shannon McGinley, NH Cornerstone’s Executive Director, had this to say: 

“The Senate’s passing of SB 399 in its amended form is a clear victory for life. Throughout this debate, our opponents have continually quoted the law’s ultrasound language out of context to mislead the public about the scope of the requirement. The amended bill reiterates limiting language that was already present in the law’s criminal penalties section, reaffirming and further clarifying the very limited scope of the ultrasound requirement. Today’s vote also demonstrates that Democrats never really believed their own assertion that women… would need to be transvaginally probed. If they did, Democrats would have embraced the opportunity to clarify the requirement. They have been cynically exploiting that idea and image for political advantage, lacking a better argument against this modest law. NH Democrats stand in opposition to 58% of Granite Staters in their refusal to recognize any right to life for the preborn at any stage, interested only in promoting abortion on demand up to the moment of birth.”

The work of our Senate Republicans today shows what can be accomplished when we stand together and repel efforts to undermine New Hampshire’s common sense law that protects the preborn in their last weeks before birth.

Please take a moment to thank your Republican Senator for taking a stand for life.

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