Federal Government Moves to Keep Tax Dollars Away From Abortion Providers

The Trump Administration on May 18, 2018 announced a proposed federal Health and Human Services rule to prohibit Title X family planning funds from going to agencies that perform abortions. Cornerstone Executive Director Shannon McGinley issued this statement about the proposed rule.

The proposed HHS rule is good news. We welcome any step that respects the conscience rights of people who choose not to fund abortion directly or indirectly. This is a win for women’s health – since no money will be cut from programs having that purpose – and a win for the women and men who do not want their tax dollars going to abortion providers.
While abortion is legal, it is not health care, nor is it a method of family planning. There’s no reason why tax dollars earmarked for women’s health or family planning should go to any agency that performs abortions as part of its mission.
Abortion providers still don’t get it: where there is a right to choose abortion under our Constitution, there’s also a right not to be coerced into funding it. It’s long past time to recognize that any tax dollars going to abortion providers, even for non-abortion services, help pay the overhead for procedures that directly and intentionally terminate human life. There are no firewalls.
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