Say No to the Therapy Ban

The therapy ban is back AGAIN.

Biology-deniers in the New Hampshire House have moved for “reconsideration” of HB 587. If the House votes “yes” on reconsideration, a vote to pass this bill could follow immediately.

Send a message to House representatives urging them to vote NO on reconsideration of HB 587. 

Here’s what HB 587 would do:

  • It says that if your child develops confusion about his or her own sexual orientation or gender identity, the only counseling your child could get from a licensed therapist is that which promotes same-sex attraction or a transgender identity.
  • Between your child and a licensed therapist, any discussion or conversation that affirms your child’s biological reality and helps your child align with his or her own faith and moral beliefs will be banned.
  • Any licensed professional who helps a minor child in this way, or refers a family for help outside the state, would be subject to loss of professional licensure.
  • For a child with gender dysphoria, a therapist would be merely a gateway to gender “reassignment” — including chemical and hormonal treatments followed by surgery to remove healthy body parts from the child. The state wants to tell parents to stand by while their child is subjected to “therapy” leading to radical and irreversible damage.
Have you had enough of politicians trying to force such ideology on your family? 

Send a message to State Reps: No Reconsideration on HB 587!

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