Important State Funding Update and What’s Next for Bethany Christian Services

The Legislative Fiscal Committee was in action December 13, and we were there. Here’s a summary.

Abortion Providers Benefit from Committee Vote

The Fiscal Committee voted 7-3 along party lines to approve the bookkeeping change that will put into effect a dramatic increase in the amount of state general funds going to abortion providers by way of family planning programs.

CORNERSTONE POSITION: Cornerstone was opposed to the bookkeeping change, as outlined in our December 12 email alert.

Committee Turns Down $46 Million Grant
for Public Charter Schools

Despite over 200 attendees in support of the grant, the Fiscal Committee in a party-line roll call vote rejected a federal grant of $46 million for new charter schools in New Hampshire. Future action on the grant is now uncertain.

CORNERSTONE POSITION: Cornerstone supports school choice, including giving families charter school options. The Fiscal Committee’s vote was a step in the wrong direction.

Members Serving on the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee:

Rep. Mary Jane Wallner (D), Committee Chair
Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh (D)
Sen. Lou D’Allesandro (D)
Sen. Dan Feltes (D)
Rep. Susan Ford (D)
Rep. Peter Leishman (D)
Sen. Chuck Morse (R)
Rep. Lynne Ober (R)
Sen. Cindy Rosenwald (D)
Rep. Ken Weyler (R)

Executive Council to Vote On Bethany Christian Services Contract Extension Next Wednesday, December 18

As Cornerstone reported to you last month, the Executive Council will consider extending a contract with Bethany Christian Services to provide services to New Hampshire foster children and families.  
WHEN: Wednesday, December 18, 10:00 a.m. in the Council chamber, State House second floor.

CORNERSTONE POSITION: YES on the contract extension with Bethany Christian Services.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Ask your Executive Councilor to SUPPORT the contract extension with Bethany Christian Services, which is agenda item #36. Find your Councilor’s contact information here. You can locate your district on this map. 

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