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Speakers Well-Received at Cornerstone’s Gender Identity Forum

December 7, 2017

The Cornerstone team was proud to welcome three exceptional people to New Hampshire in late November, each with a story and expertise relating to gender identity policies. Over the course of the week, hundreds of people came to hear them and to ask questions. We are grateful to Rene Jax, David Pickup, and Stephanie Curry […]

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Cornerstone Announces 2015 Legislative Priorities

January 13, 2015

For the 2015 legislative session, Cornerstone Action will work with concerned citizens and policymakers to advance four legislative priorities. More information about these policy goals is at this link. 1) Protect religious liberty for all people of faith in New Hampshire. This includes working for repeal of the ill-advised “buffer zone” law, which if enforced would […]

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Pull Out of Smarter Balanced Consortium: HB 1432 (2014)

February 11, 2014

To Members of the House Education Committee: Cornerstone Action does not support HB 1432 as written. We request that you move to amend HB 1432, to pull New Hampshire out of the Smarter Balanced Consortium and seek an alternative test.   There are achievement tests that have been in existence for many years that do not […]

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Pratte to step down as Cornerstone Executive Director

November 14, 2013

(MANCHESTER)- Cornerstone’s Executive Director, Ashley Pratte, has accepted the lead public relation’s position at the Young America’s Foundation in the Greater Washington, DC area.  She formally announced her resignation yesterday in a conversation with the Chairman of the Board.  Pratte will continue to represent Cornerstone at upcoming hearings on Medicaid expansion and will work closely with the Cornerstone […]

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Let’s Boost Civics: HB 159 (2013)

January 17, 2013

Cornerstone Action supports HB 159, which would require patriotic exercises in public schools on Federal Constitution Day. According to the recent NAEP U.S. History results, our students are failing at Civics.   As you can see from the graph below, there is a real problem in this content area.   Per: Students Fail at Civics: NAEP History […]

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Addressing NCLB: HB 1413 & HB 1517 (2012)

January 18, 2012

Cornerstone Action supports HB 1413 and HB 1517. While both bills address the federal No Child Left Behind program, we’d like to encourage the Committee to consider the following testimony when determining the merits of each bill submitted. No Child Left Behind was another federal program that attempted to improve public education through a top -down […]

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Legislative Oversight of BOE Rules: HB 1360 (2012)

January 16, 2012

Cornerstone supports HB 1360 which requires the approval from elected Representatives and Senators on rules proposed by the Board of Education. Many School Board members have become frustrated at the amount of local control that is eroded when rules are imposed on their local school districts. Parents will question and even challenge some of the proposals […]

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