Legislative Oversight of BOE Rules: HB 1360 (2012)

Cornerstone supports HB 1360 which requires the approval from elected Representatives and Senators on rules proposed by the Board of Education.
Many School Board members have become frustrated at the amount of local control that is eroded when rules are imposed on their local school districts.
Parents will question and even challenge some of the proposals from school administrators with no knowledge that these decisions were not made locally but by state bureaucrats.
Parents are now seeing some programs and policies that they do not believe will benefit their children but have somehow lost their voice in this bureaucratic system that uses a top-down approach.  Communities are now witnessing school administrators who are not collaborating with Board members or the parents, but instead follow rules set for them by state bureaucrats who may or may not be offering common-sense solutions to improve the quality of education in their district.
Utilizing the knowledge of their elected representatives as their voice when analyzing new rules would help offer their perspective and allow the voters and parents to contact their elected Representatives and Senators to weigh in on proposed rules.
—-Ann Marie Banfield for Cornerstone Action
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