Protect Parents’ Rights, Student Privacy (SB 196, 2019)

Testimony submitted to Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee by Ann Marie Banfield, Cornerstone Action Education Liaison. On behalf of Cornerstone Action, representing thousands of New Hampshire residents. I offer this testimony in opposition to SB 196.  The bill seeks to change the requirements for school district policies governing the administration of non-academic surveys or questionnaires by removing informed written consent by parents or …

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Non-Academic Surveys (SB 43, 2017)

Senate Bill 43 provides that no student shall be required to volunteer or submit to a non-academic survey or questionnaire without written consent of a parent or legal guardian. The bill also creates an exception to this requirement for the youth risk behavior survey developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cornerstone supports SB 43. SB 43 is a result from the …

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