Cornerstone Comments on Binnie Declaring Himself ‘Proudly’ Pro-Choice

Says Just Further Proof Binnie is Masquerading as a Conservative

For Immediate Release
September 7. 2010
Contact: Kevin Smith
Phone: (603) 571-4710

MANCHESTER, NH – Yesterday, in his latest blog post on his website, US Senate candidate Bill Binnie outlined what he thinks it means to “be a Republican.” Included in the enumerated list Binnie outlines, he states that he is “proudly” pro-choice, a label many pro-choice Democrats won’t even adopt given the tragedy of abortion. This latest statement from Binnie comes as no surprise though as earlier this year, Binnie explained that he was pro-choice so that families could avoid the expense of special needs children. Binnie also claims in his post that his position is supported by the vast majority of Americans, despite the fact that according to Gallup polling, since 2009, more Americans describe themselves as “pro-life” than “pro-choice.”

Commenting on Binnie’s statement being “proudly” pro-choice, was Cornerstone Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith:

“It really should not come as any surprise at this point that Binnie’s position on abortion is not only out-of-touch with most Republicans, but the fact that he says he’s “proudly” pro-choice is even to the left of most Democrats. These statements are just further evidence that while Binnie continues to masquerade himself as a conservative, there’s little doubt he’s actually shockingly liberal – and we think the polls on September 14th will reflect that most primary voters agree with us.”

It should also be noted that while Binnie has gone to great lengths to focus on a fiscal message only, and even swipes at those who are “imposing moral values” in his post, Binnie lists his ‘proudly’ pro-choice position as the first issue on his list of what it means to be a Republican.


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