Title X Grantees Announced

HHS has announced grant awards for Title X family planning funds for the grant period of April 1st  2019- March 31st  2020 and Planned Parenthood of Northern New England will be the recipient of $600,000 of taxpayer money.

As you may recall, President Trump’s new rule was rumored to prohibit federal taxpayer dollars to go to organizations that promote and administer abortion as a form of birth control.

Although PPNE’s funds were cut, this is in no way the result we were hoping for. Cornerstone opposes any federal or state tax dollars going to providers of abortions. Planned Parenthood of New England is one of eight Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide receiving funds. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States.

Not satisfied with federal dollars, Planned Parenthood continues their fight to secure your state taxpayer dollars 

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