House votes YES on Two Life Bills

NH House Votes “Yes” on HB-625 and HB 233!

A “Win” For New Hampshire’s Preborn and Protections for Those Born Alive

Your voice does make a difference! Wednesday, February 24th, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted “yes” on HB 625-FN, a vote that puts us closer to needed protections against late-term abortion for preborn lives in our state. Currently, NH allows abortion for any reason throughout a woman’s pregnancy. If passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor, HB 625-FN will finally put common-sense measures in place in our state by protecting preborn children after 24 weeks with an exception for the mother’s physical health. The bill is now being referred to the NH Senate where it will be heard in committee before heading for a floor vote.

The House also passed HB 233-FN, a born-alive bill designed to ensure infants born alive receive appropriate medical care and treatment. The next step for this bill would typically be to refer it back to the House Finance Committee before sending it to the Senate. We will update you when we know definitively.

We are grateful to Representatives Matt Simon, Kurt Wuelper, Max Abramson, and Kim Rice, who all spoke eloquently in defense of HB 625-FN and the need to finally put common-sense late-term abortion protections in place for the unborn in New Hampshire.

This is only the first hurdle to clear in a long legislative process. Our preborn, who can’t speak for themselves, need your voice and your prayers now more than ever. Please stay tuned for our weekly Legislative Update this Saturday for detailed calls to action.