Governor Sununu Signs Parental Rights Measure (HB 103, 2017)

Shannon McGinley, Cornerstone board member, released this statement today following Governor Chris Sununu’s signing of HB 103.

Today, parents in New Hampshire applaud Governor Sununu’s signing of HB 103. The law will support parental rights by requiring school districts to notify parents when the sensitive topic of sex education will be covered.  Parents all over New Hampshire overwhelmingly support transparency and notification regarding curriculum in all areas, including this one.

There are always going to be political forces seeking to deny parental rights, so we are especially pleased that the House, Senate and Governor came together to assure that parental rights remain a priority.

This is a welcome change from the previous governor, who vetoed similar legislation in 2015.

Cornerstone has made literacy, academic excellence and parental rights a priority. We thank Governor Sununu for signing HB
103 and thus promoting constructive educational policy for New Hampshire families.