The Emperor Has No Clothes

Pictured Above, recent article from the Union Leader online, about the article referenced in Shannon’s LTE.

Shannon McGinley, Executive Director of Cornerstone Action, wrote a letter to the editor of the Manchester Union Leader which was published today, inspired by a recent article with photo and an op-ed in that paper. We encourage you to read it. We’ve also included the full text here.

Dear Editor,

A friend of mine recently commented on a Union Leader piece on a “woman” who was being sought after not returning to transitional housing. It was accompanied by a photo of a bald man in a t-shirt with a scruffy beard. She was laughing. “Look at this photo. How could they make a mistake like that!”  I assured her it wasn’t a mistake, that in today’s world we are constrained to describe sex not in terms of biology or physical traits, but by the self-definition of the individual. To describe her reaction as stunned would be an understatement. I found the heading of “Public Safety” above the article to be more than a little ironic. Transitional housing is supposed to be a safe, supportive environment for all residents. Is this served by categorizing and treating a male as a female? Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are all admonished to ignore observable truth in favor of self-proclaimed reality, and it is that shifting and subjective “reality” that is driving all our institutions and the “free” press.

But at least this individual is an adult. What about our children? On the very same day this article appeared, the Union Leader published its own op-ed critical of the Nashua school board’s recently passed policy regarding transgenderism, a policy which neatly cuts parents out of any right to be informed of their child’s decisions regarding their gender identity, even their name (don’t worry, school administrators have this). This not only puts that child and their family at risk, but forces other children to share formerly gender-segregated facilities with someone of the opposite sex (as long as the student claims to be the opposite sex). In our rush to affirm and “protect,” we are creating a potentially  dangerous environment for all our children and citizens, in addition to violating personal bodily privacy.Am I the only one who feels like the emperor has no clothes? What’s next?


Shannon McGinley, Executive Director
Cornerstone Action