House Finance Committee to Vote on Abortion Provider Funding

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Division 3 of the House Finance Committee, which handles the Health and Human Services aspects of the proposed state budget, voted yesterday to pass an amendment on HB 2-FN-AL, relative to state fees, funds, revenues, and expenditures, which would prohibit the Department of Health and Human Services from awarding state funds to abortion clinics except to the degree necessary for the state’s participation in Medicaid. The amendment further provides that no funds or contracts may be awarded to a state-funded family planning program unless that program is both financially and physically separate from an abortion clinic. 

Cornerstone SUPPORTS this amendment. We promote public policy such as this that respects the dignity of human life and defends the rights of taxpayers not to fund abortions in any way. 


The full House Finance Committee is expected to vote on HB 2 early next week. Please contact the committee to register your support for the amendment to Section 34 of HB 2-FN-AL regarding state funds paid to abortion providers as proposed by Division 3.

When contacting the committee, remember to place the the title of the bill in the subject line. This makes it much easier for the committee members to keep track of their communications for each bill. Above all, please remember to be charitable. Respectful requests have far more positive impact on the decisions of the legislators. 

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