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Education Tax Credit Repeal HB 632

Testimony delivered to House Ways and Means Committee by Ann Marie Banfield, Education Liaison for Cornerstone Action. For more information, contact  HB 632-FN: please vote “inexpedient to legislate” On behalf of Cornerstone Action, I urge you to reject HB 632-FN, repeal of the education tax credit. This tax credit program directly benefits business owners and individuals who have the generosity and vision to …

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House Affirms Education Tax Credit

Students who stand to benefit from educational choice scholarships scored a double win on February 2, as the New Hampshire House gave thumbs-down to two attempts to repeal the state’s education tax credit law. Since 2012, tax credits have been available to New Hampshire businesses that donate to a scholarship organization to allow low- and moderate-income families to choose the schools that best fit …

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