Cornerstone: Paul ‘Babe’ Hodes Doesn’t Cut Pork; He Emulates It

For Immediate Release
September 28, 2010
Contact: Kevin Smith
Phone: (603) 571-4710

CONCORD, NH – In what can only be described as a cruel twist of irony, as Congressman Hodes claims to “get rid of the pork” in a recent ad, it seems that his actions say otherwise as he attempts to do his best re-enactment of “Babe” the pig. “Babe”, who starred in the children’s cult classic Babe the Pig is best known as the down-onhis-luck pig who discovers his purpose in life only after hanging around with sheepdogs, eventually believing he is one.

Keeping eerily close to script, after returning home from Washington and spending time with his actual constituents, Paul Hodes has decided that he is no longer a big-spending liberal, rather he believes he has suddenly become a fiscal conservative. Adding to this unfortunate case of identity-crisis, Congressman Hodes seems to have forgotten about his proven record of raising taxes and increasing spending, including his support for the tax-hiking Cap-and-Trade bill, ObamaCare, the TARP bailout, and his opposition to extending the Bush tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year.

Commenting on Congressman Hodes’ reprised role as “Babe” was Cornerstone Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith: “It is rather ironic that Congressman Hodes is promising to ‘get rid of the pork’ even as he tries to emulate one of the most famous pigs of all time. Paul has a proven record of voting for higher taxes and more spending. Rather than thro “Babe” and his ilk under the bus, Paul Hodes should come clean with New Hampshire voters by embracing the fact that he is a big-spending liberal, rather than pretending to be a fiscal conservative.”

In light of Congressman Hodes reprising the role of “Babe”, Cornerstone Action is offering free complimentary DVD’s of the children’s classic Babe the Pig for a limited time. Contact Kevin Smith at: for your free copy.


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